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An unknown robber broke into the Eric B. Chandler Health Center, which is part of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, at 123 Church St. during the night of July 18-19

Junior 157-pounder Anthony Perrotti has won two of three bouts since returning from a lower body injury.

File Photo | With 23 underclassmen on the roster Rutgers is full of youth this winter. As one of five seniors on the team, Gabrielle Farquharson has led the Knights by example in her final year. 

Senior 165-pounder Nick Visicaro returns to RU’s starting lineup after time away.

Junior Jonathan Chang was one of the Knights’ top performers this fall season, pacing the team in several tournaments.

Junior 157-pounder Anthony Perrotti said there is only a handful of Rutgers wrestlers who haven’t dealt with cauliflower ear. Perrotti likes that the medical condition is a sign that wrestlers have been in a tough fight on the mat.

Senior Emma Hoffman will be leaned on heavily for leadership this season for RU.

Junior libero Ali Schroeter said Rutgers has improved this season despite facing worst losing streak since 1991.

Senior fullback Michael Burton is one of the Knights’ hardest workers, according to senior quarterback Gary Nova. Burton said when his career is over, he wants to be remembered as a great person on and off the field.

Head coach Scott Goodale said he never pictured himself coaching in the Big Ten.

Quarterback Gary Nova left Saturday’s game with a lower body injury. He is listed questionable this week on RU’s injury report.

Gov. Chris Christie plans to centralize Ebola care and treatment and appointed Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital as one of the three hospitals to treat Ebola. 

Junior Jonathan Chang leads the Knights this season, finishing first on the team in three of four tournaments so far.

Sophomore Taylor Clark and the Knights will tee off in their fall invitational this weekend at the Rutgers Invitational played in Piscataway on Busch campus.

Men’s head coach Mike Mulqueen (right) likes to position himself in different areas on the track depending on the course, notifying the Knights of where they stand.

Junior libero Ali Schroeter and the Knights look to improve on their serving and passing in trying to earn a victory this weekend in Big Ten conference play.

Head coach CJ Werneke said Illinois will be involved in net play while using its size and power. Werneke also said Northwestern is similar to RU in its ball control.

Junior libero Ali Schroeter said the Rutgers volleyball program has been waiting for a moment to join a big conference for a while now and that it feels like the squad is now a big-time team. The Knights are 6-5 to start the year and face their first Big Ten opponent this Friday against Northwestern.

Junior libero Ali Schroeter is one of seven players who came to Rutgers from California. Only one Knight is from New Jersey.

Junior Jaimin Vekaria said the team usually talks strategy before a race, discussing ideal times to aim for per mile.

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