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Deep Treble’s two-hour spring concert took place on Friday night in Van Dyck Hall. The event paid homage to the group’s two graduating seniors with a video tribute

The Rutgers Women’s Leadership Coalition held its sixth annual Women’s Leadership Conference Friday to discuss the importance of advocacy for women in the workplace, as well as the tactics women can use to make their voices heard in a professional environment.

Organized by the New Jersey State Bar, the Violence Against Women on College Campuses discussed sexual assault on University campuses through a legal lens. Participants focused on what administrators at institutions like Rutgers are currently doing and what they can do better in the future.

Rutgers Muslims for Peace organized their tenth annual Interfaith Conference on Sunday in the Busch Campus Center, which featured a series of speakers and discussions. The event was briefly interrupted with a demonstration in response to a speaker's relation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Rutgers Business School faced backlash after refusing to allow an estimated 40 students into their annual career fair. They have since apologized, promised to amend their dress code and offered to make up the lost networking opportunity for students.

An estimated 40 students were reportedly kept out of the annual Rutgers Business School career fair on Friday for dress code infractions. At the door, students wearing blue shirts, blue suits and brown shoes were barred from entering.

Students said the school-to-school transfer application was quick, but finding guidance and advice could prove difficult. Transfer applications are only reviewed once annually, during the Fall semester.

Deep Treble was established at Rutgers in 1998, making it one of the oldest a capella groups on campus. The group will be performing at the Livingston Coffeehouse on Feb. 10 for the Valentine's Day Concert.

The Rutgers MBA program has the highest employment rate in the Big 10. Bloomberg attributed the program's ranking to its professors, curriculum and wide variety of networking opportunities.

Spring Social is intended to draw both experienced and amateur eSports players together. This year, the event took place in the Livingston Student Center and attracted more than 150 participants.

The Department of Transportation Services is working to make buses more efficient by reducing the number of stops, improving routes and encouraging the use of alternative forms of transportation to prevent overcrowding.

More than 150 students gathered in the Douglass Student Center for the Java and Justice Coffeehouse. The event combined spoken word, visual art and music, with the underlying goal of raising awareness of domestic violence. 

Photo Illustration | A Rutgers study found that cold carbonated beverages are the most efficient at quenching people’s thirst than warmer beverages, or even non-carbonated drinks like water. Colder non-carbonated drinks are likewise better than warmer non-carbonated drinks.

Rutgers hosted its second annual Giving Day in conjunction with International Giving Tuesday, hoping to raise $1 million after exceeding that goal in 2015. They raised just over $980,000 through the day.

Photo Illustration | More than 90 percent of employers look at prospective employees’ social media profiles when making hiring decisions. Any content posted by a future employee is considered, even comments made by users.

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