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After tray elimination, solid dinner waste from the 12,000 students who eat at James Neilson Dining Hall reduced from 7,200 to 6,375 pounds per week.

Of Rutgers 2012 graduates, 57 percent owed money on their college education.

All 35 registered sex offenders in New Brunswick live within three miles of the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus.

New Jersey Public Interest Research Group aims to overturn Citizens United, an organization that allows unlimited corporate spending for the purpose of elections.

Fifty-five percent of New Jersey residents support the Affordable Care Act. Those who oppose it believe it furthers government intrusion.

Kristine Baffo won the presidential ticket with 62 percent of the student vote.

The deaths from heroin use in New Jersey have spiked up from 700 in 2011 to 800 in 2013.

The Daily Targum conducted an online survey of 50 students to gather their viewpoints on the seriousness of Rutgers’ academic integrity policy.

A list of individuals and teams who raised the most money at RUDM.


The increase of attendance in conventions is indicative of the increasing popularity of geek culture.

The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings placed Rutgers at 91 out of 100 ranked colleges. Last year, it was ranked 81.

With a new home in the Louis Brown Athletic Center, Dance Marathon prepares for its annual fundraising event beginning on April 5.

A mental health survey completed by 135 University students covered issues such as excessive stress and depression.

University students answered questions about their eating habits through the survey on eating disorders.

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