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Henry Fowler

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On Monday afternoon, University President Robert L. Barchi sent an email to the Rutgers community, announcing a 30 percent raise for student workers. This news comes just one day before a demonstration is scheduled to take place on Douglass campus to secure a minimum wage of $15 per hour. 

The Mini-MBA: Business Management for Military and Veterans offered by the Rutgers Business School (RBS) prepares veteran undergraduate students for a smoother transition into the workforce, helping them build careers from skills they acquired throughout their time in the military.

Student-raised concerns answered by President Barchi at last Thursday’s Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) meeting included student rights protected under the First Amendment, anti-Semitism on campus and the academic freedom that protects professors.

Over 70 organizations benefit yearly from fundraising efforts coordinated by Rutgers UNICEF. The year the organization will focus on World Children’s Day, raising awareness for children struggling with terminal illness and living impoverished lives.

Prior to the 1960s, Demarest Hall was used as housing for the Rutgers football team and a platform for progressive protests. Today the site is used by local bands and most recently for “Anti-Prom,” a musical event that highlighted Demarest’s atmosphere

This past Sunday, 60 students from across the University and the Honors College helped better New Brunswick by participating in the Homecoming Community Clean Up. This event, in addition to other initiatives coordinated by Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships, highlighted environmental issues surrounding the University.

On Oct. 28, the Mason Gross Visual Arts Department will hold an information session and open house for prospective students. The program's national and international reputation is on the rise and this event is intended to open up the space to the public.

Rutgers held an open house this week for its filmmaking program, which brings together hands-on learning and a curriculum of interdisciplinary courses.

Earlier this week, the Eagleton Institute explored the current divide between federal and state governments through a lecture entitled "The State of the States in a State of Confusion." More than 90 members of the Rutgers community attended the event, which was led by consulting scholar Gary Moncrief.

Organized by the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, the Wall of Prejudice aims to bring awareness to the community about the existing racism that many Rutgers students experience. Students can write slurs they have heard on the wall, which will be destroyed on Friday.

William Galperin, a professor in the Department of English, held an event Wednesday to celebrate the release of his new book, "The History of Missed Opportunities." The book explores the concept of everyday life and the interdisciplinary factors that define it.

This year, the local New Brunswick community celebrated World Water Day by testing the water from the Raritan River.

A recent study found the Rutgers Business School had one of the top 10 most diverse faculties in the country. The University ranked 4th, behind North Carolina, Howard University and Florida A&M.

Because transferring to Rutgers can be difficult, the school offers a number of resources including a one-credit course called the "Students in Transition Seminar." In the course, students learn how to navigate the campus and utilize University services.

Rutgers Esports has had a growing presence on campus and the club is working to open itself up to a wider variety of students.

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