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José Sanchez

José Sanchez

José is a pinko, commie elitist who is majoring in both history and political science. He plans on graduating in the spring of 2016 and being underemployed well into his 20s. He enjoys watching Jon Stewart while eating a home-cooked meal, and he takes his tea with milk. You will usually catch him around here either taking long, graceful strides to his next class or to Mamoun’s. He is also known to frequent places where there’s a bunch of books on hand and some modicum of quiet such as his room, the bookstore or the library. On the other hand, he can also be found at basement shows and parties, surrounded by his hipster-looking comrades, with a bottle of wine in hand. Vampire Weekend, Little Dragon and Erykah Badu are some of his favorites, and he’s been known to enjoy his dad’s salsa records or the liturgical music of Russian Orthodoxy as well. And yes, he only cares about Zayn Malik. Less Guevara and more Robespierre, he’s an all around awesome dude. Try to guess his ethnicity!

His column, “The Champagne Socialist,” normally runs on alternate Tuesdays. You can follow him on Twitter @comradesanchez.

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