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Julia Terranova

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Rooster Spin stands out with unique menu options, hip decor

New Brunswick has a new restaurant! Roosterspin just opened at 120 Albany Street (where Shaka used to be). They’re serving a korean-inspired menu full of small plates, sushi rolls and noodle and rice dishes along with a great beer list. Roosterspin is a small local chain with another location in Westfield, N.J.


Recipes from Rome: Weigh in on Italy's staple food

Rome is famous for four pastas — cacio e pepe, gricia, amatriciana, and carbonara. If you walk into any trattoria in Rome, you are likely to find at least two or three of these pastas on the menu (if not all four).  The Romans are very, very territorial when it comes to food, especially when it comes to their pastas.


Recipes from Rome: Savor surprise found in every supplì, make your own

There are many things about Rome that are truly amazing: The fact that it’s been a city for almost 3,000 years, the amount of dogs there are or how sometimes you just stumble into a church and there’s a Michelangelo statue right in front of you. Another enchanting element of the eternal city is that you can’t take more than a few steps without finding a place that sells supplì — although I can’t guarantee this is a fact.

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