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Julian Perez

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The New Jersey Public Interest Group (NJPIRG) published a report detailing how colleges like Rutgers work to lead the way to sustainability by running on 100 percent renewable energy.

Rutgers issues an estimated $5 million in parking tickets each year, but may only collect $1 million.

Rutgers Business School Dean Lei Lei sent a statement to The Daily Targum apologizing for the dismissal of almost 40 students at the career fair last Friday for not meeting the dress code.


Some argue professors should not state political views in class as it might deter opposing students from speaking, while others say they should to spur discussion.

A new bill by Congressman Frank Pallone (D-6) aims to curb drug use by providing both responders and addicts the resources they need to wean users off.

Marjorie Kaplan explained how global sea level rise, increased temperatures and changing precipitation levels indicate the severity of climate change. 


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