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Katie Park

Katie Park

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Katie Park is a School of Arts and Sciences junior with a double major in political science and journalism and media studies and a minor in sociology. She is the news editor of The Daily Targum. You can find her booking it to class to snag the last left-handed desk or climbing on countertops to open cabinets just out of her reach. Send hearts and howlers to and @kasopar on Twitter.

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Allie Williams, a member of the Rutgers University Student Assembly, stands next to Matt Panconi, president of the assembly and with a group of students who co-authored a bill that proposed creating a sexual assault prevention committee. 

John Sabin, popularly referenced as “the saxophonist on George Street,” plays on his tenor saxophone, an instrument that dates back to 1952 on George Street in downtown New Brunswick on August 31.

The timeline of the incidents spanning from October 2013 to Feb. 2, 2015.

President Robert L. Barchi spoke at this semester’s first Board of Governors meeting at the Camden Campus Center in Rutgers University-Camden yesterday.

Police cars and ambulances assembled on Easton Avenue soon after an individual was struck in a car accident early Saturday morning. 

Police investigate the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house, where Rutgers student Caitlyn Kovacs allegedly passed out before she was pronounced dead last night. 

Students from Rutgers Business School and Sayreville War Memorial High School donned bulletproof vests as part of “The Adrian Project,” established in 2002, which allowed students to investigate a tax fraud on Friday at the Livingston Student Center.

Mayor of Fukui Shinichi Higashimura, along with a representative, pay their respects at the Willow Grave Cemetary, which is the burial site of Taro Kusakabe and William Elliot Griffis.

Representatives from the city of Fukui stand with representatives of New Brunswick for a photo.

Mayor James Cahill and Mayor Shinichi Higashimura commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sister Cities International.

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