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Laila Ahmed

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AHMED: End of semester marks start of beautiful month of Ramadan

The end of the semester is slowly coming upon us. The weather is gradually starting to get nicer as the spring weather is truly starting to kick in here at Rutgers. Cherry blossoms and daffodils have been spotted all around campus, and though everyone wants to try and enjoy the beautiful magic that comes with nature, everyone is busy. 


AHMED: Remember those lost to hate for Islam Awareness Week

Saying that my heart aches is an understatement. Saying that I have only shed a few tears is an understatement. Saying that I feel frightened to walk alone at night is an understatement. Saying that I fear that the one place where I can find tranquility and peace can be brutally disturbed is an understatement. These were just a fraction of the emotions that flooded my mind on March 15, a day of woe and utter heartbreak. 


AHMED: All-nighters define U. experience for many

The all-nighter: I am sure this phrase already brings back some memories for some of you. Maybe it was that one time back in high school when you had procrastinated to the very last minute to get that project done and, of course, had to pull an all-nighter to get it done on time. Or maybe you never had to pull an all-nighter until you came to college and realized how crammed you were and had to get your assignment done before the next morning.


AHMED: Valentine’s Day marks anniversary of tragedy

Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. Love is in the air. Bouquets of roses are sold by the minute. It is not yet spring, but flower petals cover the sidewalk. Grand gestures are planned and perfectly executed (for instance, my professor is flying 2,872 miles, amid a snowstorm, to see his wife). Dresses and tuxedos are brought back from the dry cleaners. Reservations are made weeks in advance. Secret admirers are no longer "secret." Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love and affection to your significant others. 

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