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Laura Dengrove

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The Final(s) Coffeehouse

The Final(s) Coffeehouse concert kicked off with a bang and a few guitar rifts Thursday night as Rutgers students were treated with some sweet tunes to get pumped before finals week sucks the life out of us. This coffeehouse was a special edition, as Rutgers students were introduced to some extraordinary talent from the local area.


Spring drag show takes over Demarest Hall

“Lip-synching, hip-swinging, norm-flinging and singing,” were all encouraged for participants at the spring drag show at Demarest Hall. The event was free and open to all Rutgers students. The show will include people in and out of drag, but most of the performances will be in drag, said Alexander Bowers, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences sophomore and the organizer of the drag show.  Generally, performers are either lip-synching or singing along and dancing, he said. The drag show has been a traditional event that has been a long lasting part of the Demarest building's history, he said. “I'd want students to take away how arbitrary the concept of gender roles are,” Bowers said.  Drag is a form of exaggerating and playing off of the constructs of gender that normally constrains society, he said. “It's fun but behind it is a really powerful narrative of, ‘look at these norms in a different way and how nonsensical they really are when shown through this light,’” he said. It was one fierce and fabulous night at Demarest Hall on Thursday night, one that would even make RuPaul proud. The lights were out, the strobes were on and the high-heels were sharpened to perfection as the annual Demarest Hall drag show popped off without a hitch. As soon as you entered the room fun and friendly smiles greeted you as music from all different decades seemed to welcome you into a wonderland of drag. Kings and queens of the art dressed to the nines as the atmosphere screamed "be yourself", and "live your life" exactly how you want to live it.


Your go-to music festivals for this summer

Ah, the smell and sound of summer is in the air — and by sound I mean that sweet music of the festival season. It’s like a right of passage in life to attend a festival at least once with a few friends, a few beers and a crop top or two. As the semester comes to an end, here is a go-to list of epic music festivals so you can get jiggy with it.


TWESE showcases African fashion with energetic show

On March 5, the College Avenue Student Center was transformed into a high-fashion event as the Organization for African Students & Friends of Africa (TWESE) held their 25th annual fashion show. The TWESE Fashion Show is an event where fashion statements from Africa are showcased for students, which demonstrate their African pride and heritage.  The official site for TWESE provides a mission statement about the organization stating, “TWESE ... has been a cultural group at Rutgers University since 1991, formed to provide a haven for students with African interests, and as an avenue to better educate the entire Rutgers community on African issues."  The word "TWESE" means "unity" in Kinya-Rwanda. The night was truly one for fashion lovers of all types.


Not fond of your major? Don’t be afraid to change it

The struggle is real when contemplating whether to change your major or not. It truly is a popular question many Rutgers students face. Many college students face this dilemma at some point or another in their university career, but why do people sometimes view this as such a bad thing? College is a time for you to discover who you are and to become the person you have always wanted to be, so what’s with the stigma against changing your major? Many people like to joke that when you enter college, you will change your major faster than you can finish that first round of beer pong.  Changing your major is a natural part of the college process, because you are taking steps to becoming a productive and happily functioning member of society.


Get artsy by visiting MFA exhibition 'All Night Long'

Talk about an art show I could view "All Night Long".  With the new semester comes new art, and with new art comes a remarkably stunning exhibition from Rutgers' very own Mason Gross School of the Arts entitled, “Daylight All Night Long.” The exhibition is part of the graduate program's MFA Thesis Exhibition Series, which will be broken down into three parts over the course of the semester. The first exhibition is a stunning portrayal of our society as a whole and the things that surround us in our daily lives. The mix of neutral and bright colors throughout the show gave a sense of daily life and the neutral colors presented more of a grim look of how our society has blended with industrial life, while the bright colors added a much needed levity to the show as you ponder over the deeper meanings behind some of the works of art. What really captured my eye was the main display that is presented as you enter the exhibition room.


'Jersey Collective' helps us get in touch with our state roots

We are not called the Garden State for nothing! Over at the Rutgers Art Library on College Avenue, a new exhibition is being shown called the "Jersey Collective", that is holding free viewings for the public until February 18th.  The "Jersey Collective" was founded by former Rutgers Art Library intern Keri Sullivan, a 2015 alumna of the Masters of Library and Information Science program, in March 2014.


Snowed in Rutgers University edition

Waking up this morning was like a scene straight out of the film "Frozen". The only difference was I didn’t have a snowman companion, and the cold truly did bother me anyway. Without even the slightest tinge of desire to go outside and explore the new winter oasis, I did what most active college kids would do.

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