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Freshman Chloe Lee was defeated in strait sets by Indiana's Shannon Murdy April 12. The Knights suffered defeat as a team as well, 6-1.

Inaugural season ends in loss for Rutgers

The regular season is over. In its final weekend set, the Rutgers tennis team dropped both matches on the road to Purdue and Indiana, ending the season without a team conference win. The Scarlet Knights (6-14, 0-11) headed west after a week of practice, hoping to regroup after their trip to Illinois last weekend.


Two chances remain for Rutgers to capture first Big Ten win

It seems like only days ago that the season was a blank page with limitless opportunities for success. But with this weekend comes the end of the regular season for the Rutgers tennis team along with the last two chances to capture a Big Ten win. The Scarlet Knights (6-12, 0-9) will travel to Indiana for back-to-back matches against two more ranked opponents.

Head coach Ben Bucca reminded Tihomirova of the match where she beat Rutgers' Vanessa Petrini when she was a freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson.

Transfer aims to make impression on tennis program at Rutgers

As the regular season winds down, the Rutgers tennis team is approaching the final weeks of its first season in the Big Ten. While they have yet to secure a conference win, the Scarlet Knights (6-12, 0-9) are optimistic about what the years ahead will bring, including the annual battles with nationally ranked tennis powerhouses like Ohio State and Northwestern.

Senior Lindsay Balsamo welcomed new partner Gina Li to the No. 2 doubles tandem when head coach Ben Bucca shuffled the lineup after spring break.

Doubles play pivotal role in wins, losses for Rutgers

Because of the seemingly universal focus on singles in the professional world of tennis, it may be surprising to realize how important doubles play is to winning matches at the collegiate level. Ben Bucca, the head coach of the Rutgers tennis team, is convinced that capturing the team doubles point is crucial to success in singles and winning matches. Failing to capitalize in doubles puts the team at an immediate disadvantage before the onset of the six singles matches. “It really impacts your energy and your spirit as you enter into singles,” Bucca said.  The statistics confirm his position.  In each of their six wins this season, the Scarlet Knights (6-10, 0-7) have successfully captured the doubles point.  On the opposite end, during both non-conference and Big Ten play, every time Rutgers has failed to secure the doubles point, they have gone on to lose the match.  Although the final scores may not paint an accurate picture of Rutgers' performance in conference play, the competition in doubles play has been fierce.  It seems that, in term of quality of doubles competition, the Knights are consistently matching up well against their opponents.  As the season progresses, in a pattern that may seem paradoxical, the same players who threaten or defeat their opponents in doubles action may not exhibit the same level of competition against those same opponents in their singles matches.  This points to the potential that lies in powerful duos.  Determining the doubles teams that can compete with nationally ranked tennis powerhouses is an important task. It begins before the season when Bucca and assistant coach Hilary Ritchie start to pair different players depending on a variety of factors, some of which go beyond on-court compatibility.  “Certainly you want to pair players that emotionally can play well together and that support one another so they become better tennis players by playing with someone, so that’s very, very important,” Bucca said.  Bucca also explained that while he has not had any problems with conflicting player personalities in the past, it would be unwise not to consider obvious differences between players.  “I’ve historically always had teams that had pretty strong comradery,” Bucca said, “So we haven’t had any issues of having conflict outside the court impact what goes on, on the court, but definitely styles of play are different and how some players are more outgoing, some players are quieter, so you need to factor all of that in when pairing a doubles team.” Beyond intangibles, Bucca tends to pair those with stronger groundstrokes or a more powerful serve with those who perform well at the net.  He also pays close attention to where the players’ strengths lie in terms of their backhand or forehand strokes.  “There are a number of different factors and then it’s just between my assistant coach and I watching everyone play and hearing what the players have to say about who they like playing with.

Despite her success against Minnesota, junior Gina Li struggled on Sunday in the No. 1 singles spot against Wisconsin.

Conference woes continue for Rutgers

As the remaining schedule dwindles, so do the opportunities for a Big Ten win. The Rutgers tennis team had a tough weekend at home, dropping both of their matches against Big Ten opponents Minnesota and Wisconsin, and extending their record in conference play to 0-7.

Senior Lindsay Balsamo captured the first Big Ten Conference victory for the Knights with a win in a singles match against Iowa March 7.

Rutgers grows through early stages of first Big Ten season

With this season marking the first of the Big Ten era, the Rutgers tennis team expects a challenge, but not without historic moments along the way. Although individual players have achieved their own first Big Ten wins in singles and doubles play, a team conference win has proved elusive for the squad.

Senior Lindsay Balsamo registered the first Big Ten win in the history of the Rutgers tennis program by defeating Iowa's Annette Dohanics in straight sets on March 7, 8-6, 6-3.

Rutgers gains experience in defeat

Experience is often the most important element in achieving success. The Rutgers tennis team has played two conference matches in their inaugural Big Ten season, and although the results have fallen in their favor, the Scarlet Knights (5-4, 0-2) see every match as an opportunity to become familiar with the teams that will fill their schedule for years to come. Saturday’s match at Iowa was no exception.

Slotted in the No. 1 singles spot for the Knights senior Gina Li beat reigning Big East Player of the Week Hannah Liljekvist in straight sets on Wednesday 7-5, 6-4.

Rutgers makes debut in Big Ten

A new era for the Rutgers tennis team begins tomorrow. In what will be their inaugural Big Ten match, the Scarlet Knights head south to College Park, Maryland to face the No.

Senior Lindsay Balsamo and her partner, freshman, Chloe Lee were one of two doubles teams to sweep the competition against Seton Hall at East Brunswick Racquet Club on Wednesday.

Rutgers runs Pirates ragged, stretches streak

With Big Ten Conference play rapidly approaching, the Rutgers tennis team added another impressive win to its resume. In their third straight match against an in-state foe, the Scarlet Knights (4-2) topped Seton Hall, 5-2, on Wednesday in a battle at the East Brunswick Racquet Club. After a dominating 7-0 win over the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) last week, the Knights maintained the intensity that has proved vital in defeating Seton Hall over the years.


Rutgers turns tables in rebound win

Regardless of the fact that NJIT has been struggling this season, the Rutgers women’s tennis team did not take their match against the Highlanders (1-7) lightly on Friday at East Brunswick Racquet Club. With the brutal 7-0 loss to Princeton still fresh in their minds, the Knights (3-2) were focused and resilient.

After suffering her first losses of the season in her singles and doubles matches on Tuesday night in Princeton, junior Mariam Zein looks to bounce back against NJIT.

Clean slate can benefit Rutgers on court

The Rutgers women’s tennis team will face yet another in-state rival today when they take on NJIT at East Brunswick Racquet Club at 12:30 p.m. The Scarlet Knights (2-2) look to rebound from a tough loss against nationally ranked Princeton (No.

Junior Mariam Zein put together the most competitive match for the Knights in their 7-0 defeat to Princeton yesterday, forcing a third set before falling 7-5, 3-6, (10-5).

Rutgers taken to task by Tigers in rout

The Rutgers women’s tennis team recorded their second loss Tuesday, dropping their match against Princeton 7-0. The loss put the Scarlet Knights back at .500 in the young season at an even 2-2. The Knights anticipated a challenge going into the match against the No.

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