Margarita Rosario

Margarita Rosario

Margarita Rosario is a School of Arts and Sciences senior studying political science and philosophy. She is foremost known for her activism, but you might also recognize her for her impeccable sense of style and extremely good looks. She enjoys reading heavy books, going to class and talking to 60-year old, dying professors. She is also a huge fan of Woody Allen movies and will force just about anyone to watch Annie Hall with her. Margarita, also known as "Lila", is extremely friendly and loves, looooves, her friends. She, of course, likes to make new friends. Over coffee. She really, really likes coffee. Margarita is also really afraid of screens and mind-consuming technological devices, so just don't bring that stuff up, OK? Finally, Margarita is on a life-long mission to make the world a better place, so talk to her about making the world a better place.

Her column, “A Woman’s Place is in Politics,” runs on alternate Mondays.

Recent Articles:


Feminizing porn: voyeurism, sexuality as seen in erotica

Thinking about pornography and femininity’s role in its proliferation often incites questions about the permanence of patriarchal culture within our bedrooms and sexual spaces. I have, as of late, been pondering whether sexual liberation in the presence of dichotomous (yet seemingly “consensual”) power relations can in fact theoretically function without contradiction.


Et moi, je suis Charlie?: On the injury of hate speech

Allowing for every possibility of self-scrutiny, I will seek to address the violent redress of grievances enacted by the Kouachi brothers and the destructive and divisive rhetoric that has formed around the awful consequences of the recent attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. If I am successful at forming a distinction between critique and insensible rhetoric throughout this column, then with all due respect, I will have already done something that the Charlie Hebdo publication never did.


Hamas is not ISIS, ISIS is not Hamas: UN speech misleading

Last Monday, as the United Nations General Assembly approached its final speeches, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised the global audience by likening the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with Hamas, the Palestinian organization with whom Israel fought a belligerent and unequal "war" this past summer.


Student activism prompts militarization of campus police

Social justice has historically soared at the hands of university students. From supporting divestment from South Africa in the 1980s to recent protests against the war crimes endorsed by Condoleezza Rice, Rutgers students have historically held the limelight in some of the greatest social justice struggles.

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