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Marielle Sumergido

Marielle Sumergido

Editor-in-Chief | "Award-winning Photojournalist"

Marielle Sumergido serves as the Editor-in-Chief and is a School of Nursing junior, minoring in Public Health. She has previously slaved for the Targum as a Staff Photographer, Social Media Editor and Online Editor, becoming a regional winner for her news photography. Her likes include Nightwing, Chipotle, the color red, Mary Ellen Cagnassola and the satisfying feeling of removing your bra at the end of a long day. When she’s not at work, you can find her sleeping at odd hours of the day. Her favorite scent is pink grapefruit, and she uses Colgate Total toothpaste (not the gel, the paste) — minty fresh! You may contact her via electronic mail at

"Shut up you dirty hipster."

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The Cancer Institute of New Jersey received a $600,000 grant from the Department of Defense to study p53, a protein which may be involved in breast cancer. The research specifically focuses on the relation between stress and cancer.

Photo Illustration | Craft to Cure brings students together to create everyday toys or tools which help underprivileged children in the New Brunswick area.

The Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships, located at 39 Union St. in New Brunswick, launched a new private food pantry over the summer in order to help Rutgers students experiencing food insecurity.

The Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services is building a facility to help adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where 20 adults over the age of 21 will work with 10 caregivers, and later, up to 20 graduate students.

The Co-Ed Cheerleading Team won the ninth annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races on Thursday night on College Avenue.

Students designed and raced their own beds as part of the annual Homecoming Bed Races. In order to participate, teams had to.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has more than 2,000 locations nationwide, with its most recent one opening on George Street. While this particular franchise is not the first in New Brunswick, it does aim to cater more specifically to the Rutgers community than the other store.

The Yard @ College Ave has caused a large increase in the number of students who use the Scott Hall bus stop, resulting in traffic and crowding issues in the area.

The School of Arts and Sciences released a four-year plan in April which aims to enhance the reputation of its programs.

Rutgers used different sources of revenue to pay for the $91 million Yard @ College Ave. The new apartments is part of a $330 million redevelopment project.

Green Party candidate held a rally at Rutgers where she discussed the presidential election. Her campaign will protest peacefully at the first debate.

An undergraduate student launched an online petition urging the Rutgers Cinema to decrease the price of movie tickets, which were raised from $5.50 to $7.00 over the summer.

The online learning resource Sakai was upgraded to version 11 between August 20 and 21.

Two Rutgers libraries will begin operating for 24 hours a day beginning in the early fall.

President Barack Obama discusses criminal justice reform at Rutgers—Newark on Nov. 2, 2015. He sat down with The Daily Targum for an exclusive interview less than one week before he speaks at Rutgers—New Brunswick's May 15 commencement ceremony. 

November 2015 | Obama last visited Rutgers in November, when he spoke to the Rutgers-Newark community.

February 2016 | Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) kicked off a book tour by speaking to students at Rutgers last February.

Several activists discussed how corporations could have influence over universities by way of financial contributions, which make up a large part of their budget.

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