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The last deli hosted by RUFeelGood raised between $500 and $600 towards the national organization, which used the money to provide food, shelter and water to people in need around the world.

RU FeelGood plans to hold grilled cheese fundraiser next week for humanitarian aid

Members of the Rutgers student organization RU FeelGood are working to end world hunger through the cultivation of social consciousness and skills in entrepreneurship. FeelGood is a national organization that began in 2005 at the University of Texas at Austin and now functions through 25 active chapters on college campuses, according to their website. In the past 12 years, the organization has raised $1.82 million as part of their mission to end world hunger by 2030. “Each chapter is responsible for fundraising money with 100 percent of the proceeds going to FeelGood's sponsor organizations such as Water for People, The Hunger Project, Pachamama Alliance and Choice Humanitarian.

The Bboy Organization of Rutgers serves as a place for Rutgers students to practice breakdancing and receive feedback. The club meets in the Rutgers Student Center two times a week.

Rutgers breakdancing organization gives students platform to collaborate, improve

Every Monday and Friday night at 8 p.m., the Lion’s Lounge in the Rutgers Student Center transforms into a space for freestyle break dancing.  A collection of break dancers have found a home in the Bboy Student Organization of Rutgers, where they can gather to practice skills freely and receive advice from peers. “We encourage a style where you’re able to work with anyone there and you work at your own pace but there’s always someone helping you,” said Daniel Paik, president of the organization and a School of Engineering junior. Meetings consist of members dancing individually and comparing notes about moves. “Most of our meetings ... we turn on the music and everyone does their own thing,” Paik said. Members of the Bboy organization said they have seen extreme improvement in their dancing since joining the club.  “Outside of college I was dancing for maybe four years, and I have maybe tripled my progress in the three years I’ve spent here, that’s definitely the best aspect ... We have very dedicated members,” Paik said. Despite the experience of some veteran members, the club offers a support system to breakers of any style or ability level.

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