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Matt Cerisano

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October 2016 | Congressman Frank Pallone (D.-N.J.) is one of 53 candidates running for a seat on the House of Representatives in 2016. New Jersey has 12 total seats, which are currently filled by six Democrats and six Republicans.

Photo Illustration | Many students publish private information on their social media profiles, making it easy for users to find personal information with a simple Google search.

The Eagleton Institute of Politics is informing students about the various issues that surround this year’s election, with experts providing commentary on each of the different topics.

The Rutgers University Student Assembly is partnering with the Rutgers Police Department to install security cameras at off-campus locations to protect students.

Students should be aware of how their social media profiles reflect themselves. While Rutgers does not look at digital profiles for their admissions process, some colleges do.

Three student groups honored the memories of victims from 9/11 by planting 3,000 flags at Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus.

Photo Illustration | Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game developed by Niantic, uses various other common technologies to create an immersive user experience for players.

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