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RU dining in the dark about factory produced eggs

Everyone's doing it. Princeton is doing it just down the road. UConn, UMass and about 150 other universities are doing it, as is Google, not to mention Ben and Jerry's, McDonald's and Burger King. These corporate giants, colleges and universities are protecting the environment, reducing needless animal cruelty and becoming pioneers by altering their purchasing patterns in regards to eggs. Instead of buying eggs produced by hens intensively confined in so-called "battery cages," they buy cage-free, "certified humane" eggs, insuring not only more humane treatment of the animals but also more environmentally-friendly industry practices and even, many claim, better-tasting eggs. If you are not aware of what a battery cage is, do not be alarmed. Prior to last January, I was not familiar with the term either. A battery cage is what millions of chickens are forced to call "home." Trust me, it is far from cozy.

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