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Matthew Mai

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MAI: Climate activism’s core consists of economic radicalism

The annual gathering of business leaders, heads of state and cultural elites in the Swiss Alps for the World Economic Forum (WEF) last week showcased two starkly different approaches for thinking about climate change — one defined by hysteria and destructive radicalism, and the other focused on harnessing human ingenuity by promoting free enterprise. 


MAI: Brexit will test Great Britain’s allegiance to democracy

In 2013, while giving a speech advocating for a new treaty with the European Union (EU), former British Prime Minister David Cameron offered the British a chance to determine the future of their country when he said, “And when we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice. To stay in the EU on these new terms, or come out altogether. It will be an in-out referendum”.


MAI: Failure of United Nations shown through terror response

While the UN has only recognized more than 600 abuse claims in the last five years, the charity Hear Their Cries estimates that UN staff could be responsible for 60,000 sexual crimes over the last decade. Although 561 UN personnel have been involved in the 600 officially recognized abuse claims, only 30 have been put in prison.


COMMENTARY: Border wall is not inherently immoral

Over the weekend a priest at my parish, usually known for thoughtful sermons, delivered a rather polarizing talk. As someone who is wary of political discussions in church, I cringed when the priest broached the issue of building a wall along the southern border. He quoted Pope Francis's repeated calls against the wall, urged that American Catholics should stand against this rhetoric as German Catholics should have done during the Holocaust and decried it as wholly immoral. 

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