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HOLEY: Society should shift to be more vegetarian

This weekend, I was plagued with a constant sneezing which reached a point that it almost felt rude for me to sneeze a fourth time after my friends had said “God bless you” three times before. Never in my life had I received such a bad case of sneezing. In fact, I had rarely sneezed up until this emerging spring. Now it is part of my daily lifestyle. I had not planned on writing about it, but while researching topics for my opinion editorial I came across the finding that climate change may be prolonging the allergy season. It was quite dreadful news. 


HOLEY: Election of 2020 can be decisive for nation

When we went to vote for president in 2016 we were left with three options: Vote now President Donald J. Trump, vote Hillary Clinton or vote for a third party that has no chance at winning the election. The only problem was that Trump and Clinton were two of the most hated candidates in modern U.S. election history. 


HOLEY: We need willpower to overcome problems

Years ago, I went through a period of depression that, in its worst moments, took over nearly an entire year of my life. At some point back then, I decided that I had to go see a psychologist for help. I thought that someone else would be able to give me a solution to my problems. It did not work. The therapists I went to offered opportunities for me to vent my frustrations, which was not at all what I wanted. I wanted my problems to be fixed. 


HOLEY: Political correctness has pushed us too far

This past week, I was in class when my teacher asked us for our opinions and analyses of the story we were reading. We could say anything we wanted to, or so I thought. The story, in short, was about a group of kids picking on another group of special needs children. The teacher asked how having the group of special needs children changed the story. I said that having them be special needs elicited a strong sympathetic reaction, from the readers, to their circumstances within the story. 


HOLEY: Sensationalist media delegitimizes reporting

On the weekend of Jan. 19, social media was in a frenzy as footage showed a group of white, Catholic students wearing “Make America Great Again” hats surrounding a group of Native American demonstrators. Immediately, most mainstream media outlets, a handful of celebrities and other respected figures collectively bashed the teenagers. Fury on social media gathered as people cited the incident as an example of the deep racism that exists in the United States. 


HOLEY: We must act selflessly to save environment

On Nov. 30, the Rutgers University Executive Committee voted to investigate the possibility of 100 percent renewable energy on campus. The proposal for Rutgers to commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 will now go to the Budget and Finance Committee, who will assess the feasibility of the project. For many environmental groups, like the Rutgers Sustainability Coalition, and student groups, like the NJPIRG, this is a major win after advocating for the proposal for a long time.


HOLEY: People must not be complacent with regard to world’s vices

Only a week ago you could have found someone complaining about the terrible weather and the complete lack of preparedness surrounding it. My father spent 6 hours stuck on the road for what should have been a 20-minute drive. He was furious about it all. People went online to complain about buses getting into accidents and commuters having to traverse dangerous roads just so they would not have to miss class. 


COMMENTARY: Indifference will undoubtedly undermine our future

Look around consider the chaos and conflict that plagues the world. We are repeatedly bombarded by the issues throughout the world demanding our attention. In such a reality, with constant coverage of only the worst aspects of society, there is a tendency for people to differentiate between the issues they deem significant and those they see as inconsequential. Typically, the decision to care is made by measuring both the gravity of the issue as well as the direct effect on the individual. 

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