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Naaz Modan

Naaz Modan

Naaz is a first-year student in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in political science with an interest in criminal justice. She is currently in a relationship with her bed and can be found spending her scant free time with her significant other. Her favorite things include rain, Wuthering Heights, wearing her dad’s old t-shirts, chicken noodle soup and her Targum blanket. Her two babies are her nephew and her Nikon D90. When she’s not lazing around in sweatpants at home, she can be found wandering New York City. If lost, please search underneath the nearest mountain of books.

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One of six seniors on the team, defender Erin Turkot spent the 2015 season as the unquestioned leader. She was the lone captain for the Scarlet Knights.

Photo Illustration | “Nootropics,” commonly known as “smart drugs,” are pills available for purchase online that can help students enhance their focus, which can be considered valuable when studying for an exam.

Gregory Mountain, a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, plans to use sound waves to create images of microscopic, ancient sea creatures and the rocks they live in. NAAZ MODAN / PHOTO EDITOR

Fifth-year senior midfielder Lauren Sbrilli led Rutgers in its inaugural season in the Big Ten Conference. The Bridgewater, New Jersey, native is the 19th Knight to reach 100 career points. Sbrilli paced the team in both goals (35) and points (40) in 2015.

New Jersey and other states in the northeastern United States just witnessed the coldest winter in recent times, while almost every other country and ocean in the northern hemisphere saw the warmest, according to data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Rutgers–New Brunswick ranks ninth best on a list of top 25 colleges that are best for earning a business degree, according to Fortune Magazine.

Photo Illustration | The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities is seeking to alleviate the financial burdens of LGBTQA youth with a crowd-funding project, called the “Emergency Fund for Rutgers University LGBTQA Students.”


Senior Defender Erin Turkot acknowledged the mistakes made by the Knights that allowed the Blue Jays to have their way in Baltimore last night at Johns Hopkins.

Junior attacker Halley Barnes believes the fight and heart demonstrated by the Knights is a positive sign of things to come. Barnes led the Knights last night, scoring a pair goals and dishing an assist to her teammate, senior attacker, Lauren Sbrilli, in a 14-6 loss to Johns Hopkins.

While a 14-game losing streak has been with the team since Feb. 14, junior attacker Halley Barnes said finishing strong could be crucial for Rutgers heading into next season.

Rutgers’s law schools, separated by almost 100 miles with locations at Newark and Camden, will merge into a single school in the coming year. The University board and administrators promise a boost in national rankings, new course offerings and better alumni networking opportunities. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY NAAZ MODAN / PHOTO EDITOR

Senior midfielder Lauren Sbrilli led a quiet offensive attack for Rutgers with just two goals in the Knights' 17-7 loss to No. 20 Ohio State.

Senior goaltender Candice Dandridge says her team has prepared for Ohio's State's potent offense and have worked on defending the Buckeyes' strengths.

Senior defender Hollie DiMuro sits one caused turnover shy of third all-time in program history behind Robin Erthal with 80.

In the last four years, Rutgers’ College of Nursing rose from 79th place to 25th place for graduate programs in the United States.

Photo Illustration | Kelsey Mulgrew, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, writes in the LiveScribe Dot Paper notebook with the partner LiveScribe pen issued to her by Rutgers’ Office for Disability Services to help her with her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). 

Photo Illustration | Student Kelsey Mulgrew holds the LiveScribe pen and the pen’s companion notebook.

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