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Rutgers is hosting a competition for students on Instagram to provide one winner with free tuition for up to three credits this summer. Participants have to complete four different challenges to be considered for the grand prize, but anyone who completes a challenge will win smaller prizes throughout the semester.

Rutgers hosts contest for free summer tuition

The University will pitch in to alleviate the burden of tuition for one student this summer. “The contest is called the 'Keep Calm and Think Summer Instagram Challenge.' Students have to complete various challenges on Instagram to earn prizes like sunglasses, flip flops and a beach towel,” said Jennifer Valera, marketing manager for the summer and winter sessions at Rutgers. The students who manage to finish all four tasks as part of the contest will be entered into the sweepstakes for free tuition, she said.  “We will choose one lucky winner in May who will receive free Summer Session 2016 tuition for one undergraduate course, up to three credits,” Valera said. Joseph Coleman, a School of Engineering freshman, is one of many who are interested in the contest.

The farm on Cook and Douglass campuses lets students learn how to care for animals or just enjoy time with them.

Rutgers farm helps students learn valuable skills

Students passing through the Cook and Douglass campuses will likely pass by the farms located on campus. The Hort Farm offers students a rare opportunity to learn about animals and how they function. Students may benefit more from studying the animals in person, rather than through a textbook or online articles, said research farm supervisor Joanne Powell.

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Rutgers professor conducts research on bullying

School is a place open for discussion and debate, but not for bullying, an issue students are constantly dealing with. Hana Shepherd, a professor in the Department of Sociology, conducted research with colleagues in hopes of finding new ways of combating bullying.

Blood drives help provide victims of blood-loss with a vital resource to aid their recovery. 

Charities take advantage of blood donor month

Students who are willing to spend 15 minutes donating blood receive not only a small bag of chips and cookies in return, but also a sense of helping the community.  January is National Blood Donor Month and has been observed since 1970, according to the American Red Cross. The purpose of this month is to encourage others to donate during the winter, a time when hospitals are in desperate need of blood and platelet donations. About 41,000 units of blood are needed by patients every day in the United States, and more than 21 million units of blood components are transfused annually, according to Blood Centers of the Pacific.  Patients with cancer, heart disease, anemia or with any other conditions are in grave need of blood donations, according to the Blood Centers.

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