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Radcliffe Bent

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Rutgers expectations, standards are dumb, you are proof

The University is dumb and you are proof. You are dumb. You are dumb because you are a student. You are a student because you are dumb. Your education is, in fact, making you dumb. To explain, you are a bad student. You are on academic probation because you are a bad student. You are currently earning your second consecutive 1.0, further proving you are bad student. Next, you will be suspended by the University ... because you are a bad student.


Equality as vicious bias

I do not like talking about race. Why? Because it makes me uncomfortable. Why? Because it makes you uncomfortable. Why? Because race, you maintain, does not exist. Talking about race, you continue, creates a problem: The problem of talking about race and making you uncomfortable. And why is this is a problem? Because you said it was.


Help, I'm Scared! –– Racism in the 21st Century

The United Kingdom’s Home Office released a statement explaining their banning of rapper, Tyler “Tyler, The Creator” Okonma from the country for the next three to five years. The Office cited his music for encouraging violence and inciting terrorism as reasons for the ban. They continued, stating that they did not believe Okonma respected the nation’s “shared values,” and that his presence would be “(un)conducive to the public good.” Regardless of what one might think of Tyler’s art, one must find the Office’s decision extreme. First, due to the fact that his music is his art, if one is to apprise art, one must be cognizant of the distinction between the art and the artist. One is not to interpret an artist’s lyrics as the artist’s admission of agreement with a set of seemingly represented ideals in the lyrics. Such an interpretation is a misreading of the art.

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