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Ramya Chitibomma

Ramya Chitibomma

Design Editor

Ramya is the Design Editor at the Targum and School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring computer science and minoring in mathematics. She is and always will be the weird one in any group and every group. Ramya stands for rambunctious and misunderstood young alien. Also she is obsessed with Welcome to Night Vale and WILL play with your hair (if you let her).

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Governor Chris Christie (R.-N.J.) proposed a $2.565 million cut to the Educational Opportunity Fund when he proposed the state budget in March, but the final budget actually added $1 million to the program, bringing it to a total of about $42 million.

A study performed by professors from different institutions, including Rutgers’ Changlu Wang, found that nearly half of all residents in apartments infested by bed bugs did not know. While most of the victims reported pain, only a few reported other symptoms.

Hepatitis B and C are viral infections that impact the liver and could lead to cirrhosis as it advances. At present they are difficult to treat but are preventable.

Different sensors are employed by self-driving cars to create a three-dimensional image of the surrounding environment. These are used to help the vehicles avoid obstacles to ensure other drivers are safe.

The results of the 2015 iSpeak survey found that nearly one-quarter of women were victims of sexual violence before college. Of the 20 percent to experience this violence on campus, only 11 percent spoke with University officials.

A new drug entering clinical trials may be able to treat malaria by forcing the parasite to absorb excessive water, causing it to blow apart.

AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence program that uses advanced learning algorithms to help it beat an 18-time world champion at a board game.

Studies found that wealthier communities are less impacted by mass fish migration, as these areas are better able to adapt to resource scarcity.

Computer-generated images have evolved from being 2-D line drawings to 3-D objects. They are now used extensively in movies, including several nominated for an Academy Award on Sunday.

Photo Illustration | ASASSN-15lh is brightest supernova ever discovered. It was found by a team based at Ohio State University, and confirmed by the South African Large Telescope with assistance from a research.

Scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory announced Thursday that they had seen gravitational waves, a century after Albert Einstein predicted them.

Homesickness is a kind of “distress and functional impairment” that is caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home and attachment objects, Chris Thurber and Edward Walton said in a research paper, “Homesickness and Adjustment in University Students.” PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY RAMYA CHITIBOMMA / DESIGN EDITOR

Rutgers Athletics lost more than $36 million in the 2013-2014 fiscal year after investing $76.7 million, a deficit more substantial than losing $1 every second of a typical calendar year.

The timeline of the incidents spanning from October 2013 to Feb. 2, 2015.

Graphic by Dan Corey and Ramya Chitibomma. 

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