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Ryan Feuer

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Poet Finds Fear in Everyday Objects

Fear isn’t something that can easily be accessed. Popular culture dictates that it can be encompassed in different sights and sounds that are menacing, unfamiliar, or dark: a creaking staircase, a scream, a blood-stained blouse, or a detached extremity. For readers of Elisa Biagini’s poetry, fear can manifest itself even in the most ordinary things. 


True Life: Addicted to Gaming

Tom Hilinski is a student like any other. Or, more appropriately, was a student like any other. The SAS first-year began the semester like most of his peers, working, socializing and getting used to his new school. And like many other students over the past week, he put his entire life on hold to play Rockstar's latest game, "Grand Theft Auto V."

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