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Creating credit

I consider myself pretty well educated (or at least getting there, thanks to my professors), but I’ve been concerned for a while about how little I know about personal finance. High school and college (so far) have taught me all sorts of interesting things, but I’m short on practical knowledge about things like taxes and budgeting. One thing that really bothers me is how little I understand credit. I may not have to worry about saving for retirement just yet, but I am definitely doing things--like paying rent and using a credit card--that are affecting my credit score...right? How does this work? I don’t want to arrive in the post-graduation world with a ruined credit score just because I didn’t understand how it worked in college! 


Clinic comforts

What makes a good care facility? I always thought the best kind of medical professional to see was simply whomever was the most expert in the field, but it sometimes seems that other people have different priorities. My parents are super picky about their doctors and even their vets, when I really just care if someone can get the job done well. What are those other factors, and why do they matter? 


Understanding assets

I was having a dorm-room discussion the other day with a business-savvy friend, and I learned a lot — or, rather, I learned that there is a lot I don’t know! As sometimes happens with these things, I ended up talking to a bright guy and becoming increasingly confused. I never realized how “net worth” calculations take into account possessions like cars and boats and things like that. And I guess I never realized that all of these things are “investments” in the way that, like, stocks are — is that right? I always thought of finance as a dollars and cents thing, and never really considered that you could transfer your worth from money into physical objects (and have it grow, too!) ... can you explain how all of this works? 

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