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Sergio Rojas

Sergio Rojas

Sergio Rojas is a School of Arts and Sciences senior double majoring in history and journalism and media studies. He is chairman of the Rutgers College Republicans and also a competitive swimmer on the Rutgers Club Swim Team (although not nearly as good as he used to be in his high school swimming days). When he's not busy with school work and clubs, you can probably find him taking excessively long naps or checking who liked his Instagram pictures. This is his first year writing for the Targum, and first time writing for any publication, but he is excited to bring a “common sense” conservative viewpoint to a generally liberal campus.

His column, “Common Sense Conservative,” runs on alternate Tuesdays.

Recent Articles:


Tolerant republicans, ‘moderate muslims’ exist at U.

This week is Islam Awareness week at the University, hosted and run by the Rutgers University Muslim Student Association (RUMSA). Islam Awareness week seeks to educate non-Muslims about Islam, since most non-Muslims don't know much about the religion or its people. And some of what they do know is shaped by media that often, though not always, portray Muslims in a negative light. Although I've seen Islam Awareness week take place in front of Brower every year I've been at the University, I never actually went to any events hosted by RUMSA. 


Ignoring Constitution, useless solution for meaningful change

In his recent op-ed “America Desperately Needs Constitutional Convention,” columnist Jose Sanchez makes some very questionable assertions about our founding document, the Constitution and our American system of governance.In disparaging the fact that our Constitution was written in 1787, calling it a “neo-medievalist” document, Sanchez cites Japan and France as other industrialized nations that have more recently written constitutions.


America’s College Promise Plan needs more fine-tuning

President Obama’s State of the Union address will be televised on tonight, but he has already revealed some of his proposals. Along with the usual set of tax policies — some sort of tax relief for the middle class and some sort of tax increase for wealthier people — the President’s plan to offer two years of “free” community college, known as America’s College Promise Plan, is what has caught the attention of the younger generation of Americans the most.


Justice for victims of sexual assault trumps Cosby's celebrity status

The allegations of rape against actor Bill Cosby have been in the headlines for the past few weeks. The newsworthiness of this story can be attributed to America’s obsession with celebrities and their ignoble scandals, as well as the renewed national conversation on rape and rape culture. Race even plays a part in Cosby’s saga, as he is one of the most prolific black celebrity icons of all time.


Ebola panic encouraged by social media

Both ignorance and insensitivity abound on social media regarding the current Ebola outbreak. All over social media news feeds, you can see original and shared posts with ridiculous statements and references to Ebola.


Conservatives must join movement for climate change

On Sunday, Sept. 21, the world’s largest climate change march to date is scheduled to take place in New York City. “The People’s Climate March,” as it is known, hopes to draw attention to the issue of climate change to world leaders at the upcoming United Nations summit by showing them that climate change is no longer an issue that can merely be put on the backburner.

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