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Celebrations of Yom Kippur, Eid test years of religious violence

Unfortunately, in the last century the narrative of Jewish-Muslim relations has been marred by episodes of violence and hate. Ignored by many, however, is that both religions derive from the same source: Abrahamic monotheism. Therefore Judaism and Islam are not related just functionally — as are all faiths — but share a mutual history, hence the two religions need not to be seen as adversaries but more like siblings, the spiritual children of Ishmael (Muslims) and Isaac (Jews).


Rutgers community needs unity, not division

As a current Rutgers graduate student in the Department of Religious Studies, it is rather upsetting to see that a group claiming to represent the honorable Jewish students on campus ? the Rutgers Hillel ? is hosting an event this Tuesday, Sept.


Coca-Cola commercial sheds light on bigotry

Of the many noteworthy Super Bowl commercials, Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” has received the lion’s share of attention. In the commercial, the song “America the Beautiful” is sung in eight different languages to depict the melting pot of ethnicities in the United States.

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