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Spin shouldn't win the election

This is a response to "The complete idiot's guide to Obama's tax policy proposal." The author serves his party well and aptly deploys the Republican's art of spin to misrepresent the Obama tax proposal. He has decided to compare the Obama plan to cut taxes for any individual earning less than $250,000 per year to trimming the GPA of any student earning higher than a 3.7. In doing this he makes two false assumptions that completely undermine his entire argument. First he suggests that anyone who achieves a high GPA or earns a large income has done so by working hard, and second he implies that anyone who has a low GPA or is not wealthy has not been working hard. Both of these assumptions do hold true for many individuals who fit into either of these categories, but to ignore the fact the some affluent Americans, or some high-achieving students, have attained their status either by dishonest misconduct or a natural intelligence is wrong and misleading, and to ignore the fact that some, if not many, of the impoverished Americans or the low-achieving students do not work hard is an irresponsible assessment of the issue at hand.

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