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Tess Rosenberg

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On studying in Paris, ‘une expérience très précieuse’

Exactly one month from today, I will begrudgingly tote a slew of belongings down to Charles de Gaulle. I will hoist my suitcases onto a conveyor belt and watch them disappear. My passport will be glanced over by an overwhelmingly disinterested Frenchman. I will feel a pang of melancholy as I pass by gaudy souvenir shops and the in-airport Ladurée.


On staying American: nationality is innate

Bradley Cooper’s eyes aimed downward with the utmost intensity, looking toward some meaningful thing that merited his attention, yet none of us could see. The flag, meanwhile, enveloped his likeness with brazen curls of unapologetic patriotism. Lasciviously so. Seductively. And it altogether dominated the slate, urine-stained walls of Cardinal Lemoine.

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