McCain gettin' hosed

With less than a week to go before the general election on Nov. 4, Captain Obvious dropped the following bombshell last night: Sen. John McCain is getting completely hosed in the press. Sources from Politico have disclosed that six out of every 10 stories published about McCain in the media have been negative, while only 30 percent of stories published about Sen. Barack Obama portray him in a negative light. The study also concluded that Obama enjoys the media's good graces about twice as often as McCain. The question remains, why?

Long-standing allegations of an increasingly liberal media aside, we have to admit that Obama, with his message of change and youthful appeal, makes for a much better story than does McCain, the old school white-bread and butter veteran that has come to symbolize the Republican Party following eight years of a dismal Bush regime. At the root of the issue is the fact that newspapers, like almost everything else in America, are a business, and like any other business, exist to make a profit. Can you blame them for catering in a positive light to a candidate that has a near universal appeal on both coasts — which have historically been the most lucrative markets for media providers? Honk America, if you love capitalism.

There's also the issue of the state of McCain's campaign to date. While Obama has run a very tight ship, in which many of his aides have been happy with the way the campaign has been going, McCain's campaign has been fragmented and ugly, to the point where Karl Rove even dubbed it as one of the most despicable campaign in recent memory. He and Gov. Sarah Palin don't seem to see eye to eye, and the Republican attack machine has been running into overdrive to make up for McCain's lagging performance in the national polls. It's hard to see how you can blame the media for capitalizing on leads leaked by members of McCain's own campaign to the tune of calling Sarah Palin a "diva" and suggesting that it was a mistake to choose her as the running mate. Meanwhile, Obama and his inner circle have been content to sit back and enjoy the Republicans eat their young, which admittedly must be a truly exhilarating experience for the Democratic Party, which has historically been the party of factionalization and self-implosion.

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