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5/3/2019 9:26pm

JAWED: All-nighters for finals are counterproductive

Pulling all-nighters before final exams seems like the logical thing to do. At least in my experience. I keep hearing that sleep is important, but when push comes to shove the night before the exam and I feel unprepared, sleeping is the last thing on my mind. It just makes more sense to stay up, cram and walk into the exam knowing that I at least covered everything even if I barely got any sleep. 

5/3/2019 9:25pm

GUVERCIN: Social media influencers need to promote positive change

YouTube. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook. All of these platforms have birthed a wave of socially-integrated, extremely rich, young and trendy group of people who widely self-identify as “influencers.” These people regularly post videos, pictures, tweets, commercials, brand deals and more from which they are able to make a large profit as they build their way up the social ladder. 

5/3/2019 9:23pm

EDITORIAL: Insensitive tuition increase reflects U.'s decline

We cannot simply withdraw into a dark age of disconnection and disengagement. We are no longer just the beneficiaries of the generations before us waiting for a seat at the table, and we are no longer mere bystanders to the political discourse in this country. We are members of the Rutgers community, a microcosm of the world in which we cannot blindly inherit the corrosive trends of our declining direction.


5/1/2019 6:23pm

O'BRIEN: Colleges can salvage Enlightenment ideas

After writing dozens of articles for this newspaper over the last three years, this will be my final column. I have written about everything from the pressing need for municipal zoning reform in major cities to how we can talk to each other about politics constructively. I am, of course, flushed with nostalgia for the memories I have made here at Rutgers and the many friends I will leave behind. 

5/1/2019 8:40pm

NUNDA: High costs of sleep aids take advantage of issue

We have all heard the same tips for falling asleep from our doctors — decrease technology use before bed, do not consume sugary drinks at night and try to exercise during the day so you tire yourself out. For those of us that suffer from a little more extreme cases of insomnia, we know it takes a few further steps than a couple nighttime hacks to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

5/1/2019 8:41pm

OLAYEMI: We should recognize visible disparaties in policing of social life

We are finally at the eagerly anticipated period of the academic year when it looks like and feels like springtime. No longer are we scurrying in and out of our rooms, off and on buses, avoiding any extra time out of the comfort of our living spaces because it is just too cold to be out and about doing anything aside from going to class and getting food. 

5/1/2019 6:17pm

EDITORIAL: America needs strong influx of immigrants

The obstructing haze of misinformation and manipulation thickens as a means of galvanizing movements of hate. With attempts to place immigration as a centerpiece for the 2020 presidential election, the volume of fear mongering and fictitious rhetoric deployed increases. President Donald J. Trump has adopted an erroneous new message regarding migrants seeking refuge in the United States: “Our country is full.”

5/1/2019 6:11pm

COMMENTARY: U. has no justification for tuition increase

When we do business with a corporation, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is an accurate description of our transactions with that corporation. It is very clear that for some time, Rutgers has been moving toward a corporate model at a pace that has accelerated significantly in the last five years. So, it is not surprising that our students, who are paying more and more every year for what Rutgers provides, cannot understand why they are getting less and less. 

5/1/2019 6:03pm

BOZTEPE: Students must support faculty, graduate union

Last week I was part of my first rally, which as most of you know, was for the lack of equal pay for Rutgers professors on all campuses, low wages, scheduling restrictions, inequality based on gender and a lack of diversity among hired professors. Luckily, the professors have reached an agreement as of right now, but the same cannot be said for multiple facets of the University, such as the teaching assistants, part-time lecturers (PTLs) and graduate students who make up approximately 30% of the professors that teach the students. 

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