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Work together to bring about justice, understanding

Many people on campus have heard about the ongoing conflict involving student groups and the situation in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. So much information has been circulated, and many students have been left feeling angry and confused. The struggle for justice, peace and home is complicated and for some, very personal. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with both sides on campus, and I have seen the heart and passion that every person involved holds.

We all have different stories and experiences. We cannot allow ourselves to think that we can ever know what a person on the other side of an argument feels in a situation like this. One thing I have learned from this journey is that we all must remain open and hopeful. Don't ever turn a blind eye to injustice and never stop learning. An event will be held in the name of moving forward tonight. "OneVoice For Peace" will encourage conversations and facilitate understanding for all involved. The OneVoice Movement's purpose is to work with Israelis and Palestinians who wish for peace and prosperity, while empowering both sides to demand accountability from elected representatives and work towards a two-state solution, guaranteeing an end to the occupation and all forms of violence. This movement is not one that demands uniformity of politics or opinions from its members but seeks to include everyone who has a vision of peace in the Middle East.

This is bigger than you and me. This is bigger than the University. This is about humanity, and I encourage anyone who is searching for answers to never stop looking. This event will not solve everything, but it is a step forward. The most important thing we can do as the University community is be an example of transformation and hope for the rest of the world.

I, for one, am excited about the possibilities that lay before us. The event tonight can be one of forgiveness if we allow it to be. I encourage you to attend with open ears, open hearts and open minds. I know that we can create an environment of peace if we can begin to look at people on all sides as our neighbors. I do believe with my whole heart that we are called to love our neighbors and we love ourselves.

In the spirit of love, please join me tonight at 8 p.m. in the Raritan River Lounge in the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus for the "OneVoice for Peace" event. I guarantee you will walk away with a new understanding, and my hope is that we can all begin to work together for peace.

Jordan Bucey is a member of Trinity House and director of Five Loaves Food Pantry.

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