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Elected Targum board welcomes fresh perspective, challenges

The Daily Targum elected its 144th editorial board Friday. Although it is losing its senior staff members and some positions remain unfilled, the young board is prepared to tackle any obstacle.

Curious, Calm and Competent

Jumping into the Targum as a photographer her first semester at the University, Jovelle Tamayo became the photography editor of the 142nd editorial board. At the end of her term, Tamayo, a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political sciences and comparative literature, worked as a senior staff photographer before deciding to run for editor-in-chief.

“I feel that we can take the Targum to the next level of reader accessibility,” she said.

Tamayo hopes to improve the Targum’s creative design and to continue its reliability as the main news source for the University and neighboring communities.

“The people working here are dedicated to serving those communities,” she said. “It is important that students are informed.”

Stepping Up

Continuing the tradition of design editors becoming managing editors, Olivia Prentzel is excited to kick off the 144th board with fresh faces and new ideas. Although her moving up the masthead leaves the design position unfilled, Prentzel plans to use this loss to the board’s advantage.

“The transition period is going to be tough, but the absence of those editors will make us stronger,” she said. “We have to work stronger together to fill in those holes.”

Prentzel, a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in journalism and media studies and English, looks forward to building the staff and connecting the Targum to new technology.

“I want to make some changes,” she said. “Maybe they won’t be huge, but we’ll lay the foundation.”

Busy, Busy News

After three semesters of writing articles and a term as an associate news editor, Anastasia Millicker is ready to hit the ground running with the news desk.

“I started writing and I always had an interest in what’s going on, so I decided to bring that interest and share it,” said Millicker, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and journalism and media studies.

As news editor, she hopes to build relationships and contacts on campus.

“I plan on covering more investigative stories and a lot more state news,” Millicker said.

Sports Trio

Tyler Barto, a School of Arts and Sciences junior studying journalism and media studies, is taking the reigns after the legacy of a two-year sports editor.

“Just seeing all the faces that have come through and being one of the oldest members of the editorial board is surreal,” Barto said.

The former associate sports editor is looking to cover more in-depth stories about aspects of sports that are not usually covered — like more features on players or trainers.

Following Barto’s lead are his two associate sports editors — School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Josh Bakan and junior Joey Gregory. Bakan said he appreciates the hands-on experience the Targum provides.

“It’s a lot more valuable than what you’ll learn in the classroom,” he said.

Gregory, who transferred after his first year from Fordham University, was drawn to the Targum primarily for its strong sports coverage.

“I picked up the Targum as all first-year Rutgers students do, and I looked at the sports page and that’s not something I had at Fordham,” he said. “I figured that this was a perfect opportunity to get some experience.”

Baby Photos

The photography desk has the youngest pair of editors, with photography editor Noah Whittenburg as the youngest member of the editorial board.

“I don’t think it worries me too much because I’ve been in the office and getting experience since September,” said Whittenburg, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student intending on studying communication.

He aims to build a strong desk of photographers and continue to publish photographs that tell stories.

“I’d like to build a staff that is as passionate as I am,” he said.

As the associate photography editor, Enrico Cabredo hopes to learn more about journalism at 26 Mine St. Cabredo said his science background as a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore studying cell biology and neuroscience will help him with selecting and editing photographs for publication.

“They both involve analytical thinking,” he said.

Going Solo

When she’s not volunteering at the local animal shelter, School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Rashmee Kumar is taking on the large and intricate task of copy editing and fact-checking the entire Targum — alone.

“It’s definitely something that not everyone likes to do. I’m a very detailed-oriented person and I’m really into grammar, spelling and AP Style,” she said.

Kumar is a veteran in the field — she was associate copy editor this past year — and plans to stick around the Targum in some capacity next year, too.


School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Chase Brush is used to hearing all sides of an issue — as a philosophy major, he appreciates differing points of view.

As the new opinions editor, he plans to make issues relevant to the University a standard part of the Ops page, and is looking forward to seeing the community’s responses.

“I want the Ops page to serve as a point of contact for the campus,” Brush said.

A U. Perspective

School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Yashmin Patel plans to bring the campus together through the University section.

“We’re separated by all the highways, and I want to make students feel a part of the whole school,” said Patel, who is majoring in journalism and media studies and political science.

Though she faces the challenges of a short staff and little experience, she is ready to learn the routine of the office and all about the field of journalism.

Taking on the Hub

School of Arts and Sciences junior Giancarlo Chaux started writing for the Targum’s shaky Metro section last semester. Now, he’s determined to bring it back for good.

“It gives me the chance to show the students about the town,” said Chaux, a philosophy major.

Chaux said he is also looking forward to being a part of a newsroom and learning about the industry with all the new editors.

Dynamic Duo

Arthur Romano and Lisa Cai are returning as the Targum’s Web staff. As online editor and associate online editor, respectively, the two have been a part of a website change last summer and plan to continue to iron out its kinks.

First Lady of Multimedia

Lauren Varga, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, is excited to jump into the world of multimedia as the first female editor of the department.

“It’s a really good creative tool, and it’s an innovative medium to get across news on campus,” said Varga, who is studying English, journalism and psychology.

She hopes to gain a qualified staff this year, improving the quality of videos and working with the entire office.

By Mary Diduch and Taylere Peterson

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