Bring healthy food trucks to campus


There has long been a struggle of college life and keeping a healthy diet. In college, students do not have much time between classes to have a sit-down lunch. Many students look for something quick and easy, which leads them to make many unhealthy choices. The University even provides their students with unhealthy choices. In the campus centers, they have Wendy’s and Burger King. How can students resist these places where they can get a lot of food for a small price?

As a student is trying to pay the high cost of a quality education, they have to save in other ways. University meal plans are expensive and students look for cheaper choices. In a school that offers a nutrition degree, they do not offer many healthy choices the students need. With some campus food containing more than 1,000 calories per serving, the University is simply contributing to the obesity problem in this country.

A person’s life choices are also important to consider. At the University, there are many students who are vegetarians and vegans, and yet vegetarian options are limited. When it comes to quick and cheap food, the choices are slimmed down even more. Meals get repetitive and boring, but we have discovered a solution to it all.

As a solution, we have come up with an idea in which everyone can benefit — permanent on-campus food trucks. The New Brunswick campus has four campuses that each have perfect locations for food trucks. The difference between these trucks and the grease trucks is that they will provide healthy vegetarian and vegan options. These types of trucks have been growing more and more popular in the New York area, and we believe they would be a great addition to the school. Not only would they be providing the students with healthier options, they would also be offering them for prices that are reasonable for the college student.

This would help students by offering healthy food they can afford, and also provide the University with a new business option. The trucks would have to pay to use the space provided, just as every venue needs to. The school is getting money, the individual owners of the trucks will make money from the business they will receive, and the students keep their health. This is a win from all angles, and we strongly urge the University to take our advice.

There will be a student-held conference in the Alexander Library on the College Avenue campus on April 19 to promote healthy options as well as other service projects for the community and the University. This conference will be held at 4-5:30 p.m in the Scholarly Communications Center Lecture Hall. Refreshments will be served outside the lecture hall. In addition to the traditional snacks, there will also be healthy choices and vegetarian choices to support the idea of healthier food options on campus.

Natalie Cicero is a School of Biological and Environmental Sciences senior and is majoring in meteorology.

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