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Week in review: Laurels and Darts


While the season may be over, praise for the Scarlet Knights football team continues to stream in. Senior linebacker Khaseem Greene joins Corey Moore of Virginia Tech this week as the second player in Big East history to be named Big East Defensive Player of the Year for two consecutive years, and head coach Kyle Flood shares the conference’s Coach of the Year Award with Louisville’s Charlie Strong. Both deserve a laurel to add to their collection of season trophies. And to help numb the pain of that last loss. We’re still reeling.

“Atrium After Hours,” a late-night event sponsored by Rutgers University Student Assembly, flopped upon its debut. Eager students showed up to the Rutgers Student Center Atrium, which will remain open from the hours of 1 to 4 a.m. beginning on Dec. 6 and will continue until Dec. 12. The wee hours of the morning have proven too exciting for students to handle — the Atrium has been more of a study party than a quiet sanctuary. Perhaps RUSA should implement a set of rules, or otherwise shut off the lights for good. Either way, a dart warns this slumber-less party to get its act together. We have finals to finish.

The University was officially admitted to the Committee on Institutional Cooperation this week. The consortium of 13 top-tier research universities — including the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan and Penn State University — is expected to provide invaluable opportunities to students and faculty on campus. This is a good thing, and the occasion deserves a laurel.

We gained a little insight into the true value of student meal plans this week here at the University. The 105 meal plan offers students the least bang for their buck, clocking in at nearly $18 per meal. Perhaps in the future students will be able to swipe in at Henry’s Diner or Starbucks, thus winning back some money and peace of mind lost to this scam. But that seems unlikely as places that accept meal swipes tend to have long lines which leads to overcrowding, said Joe Charette, executive director of Dining Services. For now, food simply should not be so expensive. Hungry, smart stomachs dart the 105 meal plan.

Boot up WebReg, click Winter 2013, and lament the losses. Winter Session is not available to first-year students. If this strikes you as odd, unnecessary or unfair, congratulations. Students agree that first-years who feel capable of taking the extra credits should be permitted to do so. If they can handle a full course load, navigate the buses and feel comfortable on campus during the fall, they are prepared to learn in the snowy season. They are also prepared to dart the University’s shortsighted sign-up decision.

Black Marble — sounds like a swanky bar or a weird Crayola color, right? In reality, it’s NASA’s latest awesome project — a super high-resolution photograph of the Earth at nighttime, taken with satellite technology. The Americas glitter in the surrounding pitch-blackness of outer space. Go search for the entire album of photos, and realize why NASA’s efforts will always have a special laurel in our hearts.

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