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Don’t call Rutgers ugly, okay?

Editorial | Top 50 ugliest colleges list can kiss our fat sandwiches

So, Complex Magazine, of all publications, decided to take some jabs at us last week. They published a list of what they claim to be the 50 ugliest college campuses in the country. Of course, Rutgers University, which became the brunt of a lot of jokes this past year, made the list. With all that we had to deal with, Complex is now calling us ugly. Wait, that really hurt, someone fetch us a tissue!

Rutgers-New Brunswick came in at #26, even uglier than the University of New Mexico. Ouch. Complex says that “as New Jersey’s flagship university,” we’re already “off to a rough start.” Honestly, for representing the supposed “armpit of America,” we think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves.

But before we delve into that, we’d just like to remind Complex and all its readers that the magazine’s founder is a Rutgers alum: Marc Ecko. Does his last name sound familiar? He’s the designer behind the Eck? Unltd clothing line, and the mastermind behind an entire empire of businesses beyond that. Scarlet pride right there.

But, anyway.

Rutgers-New Brunswick is huge — it spans two cities and five whole campuses. Because of how spread out it is, one can easily see how inconsistent buildings’ architectures are. In fact, it wasn’t until 2007 that these campuses, which were made up of individual colleges, merged together under the Rutgers-New Brunswick umbrella. But, because of that, each campus has its own unique feel and personality. There’s something for everybody. And while Rutgers is a huge state school, because of its spread-out campuses it can be either as big or as small as you want to make it.

Some of our buildings may be hideous — we’ll be the first ones to admit that since we have to attend classes in them everyday — but big changes are happening on campus right now. From new construction to a revolutionized campus to school mergers and ascensions, to say that Rutgers is totally upgrading itself would be modest.

Livingston campus has become an oasis of everything awesome. Its new apartment buildings are now arguably the most beautiful of all the campuses, framed by all-new retail stores like a market and nail salon. Livingston is only a sign of what’s to come for Rutgers — all the construction plaguing College Avenue might be an eyesore right now, but we’ll probably be completely taken aback when the campus emerges from its metamorphosis.

Last week, Rutgers had its College Avenue redevelopment groundbreaking ceremony, attended by Gov. Chris Christie and countless others. About $330 million are going into the project, which includes a new academic building, a residential honors college, and a new student apartment building. On top of that, the recent UMDNJ merger and our addition to the Big Ten mean mo’ money, mo’ buildings. Nice buildings, at that.

Basically, Rutgers will become that ridiculously good-looking kid that you wish you noticed when he was in his awkward phase.

Sure, we’re ugly — right now — but what we lack in appearance we make up for in personality. Our university’s ambition and vision is unrivaled. And, we have some pretty good fat sandwiches.

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