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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts

Editorial | Laurels and Darts


We hear that the Rutgers University Student Assembly is teaming up with New Jersey United for Marriage to campaign for same-sex marriage — despite Gov. Chris Christie’s pledge to appeal the decision. As we stated Monday, Christie is only stalling all the rights and benefits that same-sex couples are entitled to. This is a ballsy move on RUSA’s part, so they definitely deserve a huge laurel in honor of equal rights.


J. Michael Gower ascended to his new position as senior vice president for finance at Rutgers University, and while it’s cool that we’re expanding the administrative family where it’s needed, what’s not cool is all the new information that surfaced about the man’s past — like being involved with Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Yet again, the search committee dropped the ball in its background checks, so they deserve a dart for constantly repeating the same mistake.


A new Facebook page trend has popped up in the Rutgers community — and we all know we love those. Rutgers Reflections, a Humans of New York-style page, posts pictures highlighting the unique and diverse students that make up our campus, each with a quirky quote from the photo subject. We love projects that highlight our student body and bring all of us together, so this laurel is well deserved.


So, we definitely made our opinion clear on the government shutdown that took effect earlier this week — mainly that we’re represented by a bunch of big babies who don’t know how a democracy works. But, we got wind that the shutdown is officially affecting Rutgers research grants. Hearing that it’s impacting the education of our fellow Knights, in addition to hundreds of thousands of people across the country, makes us even angrier. A dart doesn’t even do it justice.


The University experienced a stinging loss with the passing of Rutgers alumnus Matt Georgi. Remembered by all his friends and loved ones for his selflessness, the late student veteran planned to run in a marathon to raise money for other student veterans Oct. 13. Now, his friends and family have pledged to run in his honor for the cause that was so dear to him. This laurel goes to their shared selflessness in the passing of a dear friend.


The change to the alma mater to make it more gender-neutral sparked a fierce debate on campus that expressed itself across the Opinions page for weeks. Now, we hear alumni feel so strongly against the change that they’re spearheading an entire petition to change it back to the original sexist version. As our editorial expressed, people shouldn’t hold wonto tradition just for the sake of it. This dart goes to not being open to positive change.

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