Q&A with Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress, actor, musician and comedian at the Laugh Factory Comedy Network, performed for more than 500 students at the Busch Student Center last Thursday. Following the show, Buress spoke to The Daily Targum and offered some advice for aspiring comedians, his future plans and key moments in his career. 

Q: What advice would you give to Rutgers students who are aspiring to become comedians themselves? 

A: I wouldn’t help them at all. It’s a tough business, motherf---er. You’re on your own — good luck. If that deters them, then they’re not built for it.  

Q: When was the first moment you realized you wanted to become a comedian? 

A: I went to an open mic and watched a friend and then watched some other people. I was in college, actually, when I started, and it just looked like I could do it. It was interesting. Seeing it at the open mic stage kind of demystified it, and I kind of see people there working out that, you know, [were] close to the level that I was, which was no stand-up at all. So after I saw people do it, it made it seem like I could do it — I could try. 

Q: How far down the road do you see yourself doing this job? 

A: I’m just planning — I don’t know. You know, I’ll try to make $10 million and get out. 

Q: Do you ever get nervous on stage? 

A: No. Not on stage, [but] before shows. Not anymore. Sometimes [I do], when a show starts going [badly]…but I don’t really get nervous, no.

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