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Sip with caution during dinner


Photo Illustration | Thanksgiving break is the time when distant family like to get to know you better by asking the questions everyone dread. Ease the tension by playing a fun drinking game during dinner.

As the long-awaited Thanksgiving holiday approaches, you might be craving a little more than turkey. Whether you’re thankful for gravy, cranberry sauce or stuffing, nothing beats a good sip of wine or champagne at the dinner table. If you’re 21 or older, these dinner table tips will have you shamelessly sipping more wine with your pumpkin pie. 

Buddy up

It’s always more fun to play a drinking game with a friend! Take this opportunity to get to know that quiet cousin you never talked to or your uncle that is, in other words, a “tank.” Preferably, you’ll need someone that’ll share your opinions and isn’t afraid to get a little silly at the table. 

Turkey comments

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: digging into the turkey. Suddenly, amongst all the chewing and pouring of gravy, the table comes alive with turkey talk. Take a sip of wine whenever someone makes a comment or complaint about how they think the turkey is “dry” or “moist.”

Inevitable questions

When you’re in a room with your entire extended family, some things are just impossible to dodge. You’re going to have to prepare for an awkward lecture about your future career or even a comment about how you never ended up losing your freshman 15. Whenever someone makes mention of how college is going or your major, take a long drink.  

The worst kind of questions

Best believe that your family won’t just be asking about your academic life. After someone engages in the dreaded questioning about your (possibly) nonexistent significant other, take comfort in a generous gulp of wine. If you’re asked an uncomfortable question that you’d really rather not answer, finish your glass. 

What holiday it is, again?

Your mom switches on the radio and, lo and behold, what’s playing? Is that Jingle Bell Rock? Indulge in a sip of wine for every premature Christmas song you hear or whenever someone decides to mention Black Friday shopping. It’s bound to happen. 

Give thanks!

Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive and well — as the tryptophan starts to kick in after your meal and you’re falling deeper into that food coma, think of everything in your life that you’re thankful for and take a small drink for each one. 

Sip responsibly!

Natalie Lin

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