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Valentines Day Drink

Whether you’re planning on playing footsie with that special someone at a romantic restaurant, canoodling in the kitchen while making a homemade Valentine’s day dinner, or rebelling against the holiday by taking advantage of the various heart shaped pizza deals with friends, somehow, food in its various forms always seems to steal the Valentine’s Day spotlight. For those 21 and over, redirect the attention by following these simple steps to make the Drunk in Love, a sweet drink sure to either woo your valentine or change the color scheme of Valentine’s Day from pink and red to a blackout –– for those looking to celebrate in a manner that’s more rambunctious than romantic.

What you’ll need:

  1. Cranberry juice
  2. Vodka
  3. Seltzer
  4. Decorative sugar
  5. Conversation candy hearts

Step One: Before you make your drink as strong as your love for your significant other, or as weak as your love for Valentine’s Day, sprinkle some colorful, decorative sugar around the rim of the martini glass. If you’re notorious for your sweet tooth, feel free to sprinkle some sugar in the glass as well. Finally, for aesthetic value, toss a few conversation hearts into the drink for added flavor.

Step Two: Otherwise known as the part where you decide just how content you are with being single, or taken, it’s time to uncap the vodka, and mix it in with seltzer and cranberry juice. If you splurged on Grey Goose or Ciroc to impress, by all means, make like a bartender to create a delicious, evenly mixed drink. Alternatively, if your bank account limited you to the likes of Traveler’s Club, throw a few water bottles in the fridge for the morning after. Be warned, a heavy hand while pouring and your single status could make texting your ex seem like a good idea (It’s not).

After all, there’s really nothing like an alcoholic beverage and an inscribed conversation heart to help you get over your anxiety of finally confessing “I love you.” When taking and posting pictures on social media seems like the best idea ever after a few rounds of the Drunk in Love, be sure to include us in your captions with the hashtag #RULOVING and tag @DailyTargum.

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