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Fashion photographer finds inspiration in art, environment


When she’s not behind the lens, Annie Pollock can be found nestled in Caffé Bene sipping on a “Very Berry Frappuccino” contemplating her next photo shoot.

Pollock, a Mason Gross School of the Arts senior majoring in fine arts with a concentration in photography and a minor in art history, is an avid photographer with a passion for fashion and beauty, with a strong belief that fine art can influence fashion and vice versa.

She received her first camera, a digital point and shoot, as a gift from her father for her 13th birthday. She continued to play with that little camera until her sophomore year of high school, when her father realized her passion for photography. 

“He got me my first DSLR, and I still use it to this day.”

Pollock has come a long way since her point and shoot days, now organizing, shooting and directing photo shoots for fashion magazines, jewelry collections and beauty looks.

Recently she did a photo shoot with a fellow Mason Gross student concentrating in design. Her friend had created a variety of drawings and designs that she wanted projected on her body and for Pollock to photograph.

“The shoot went great … I’m giving sneak peaks of it on Instagram,” she added “It’ll be out this Friday.”

Although she dabbles in a variety of fashion photography, she admits that she has a very clean style and leans toward that in her photography. She added that she learned a lot about lighting and technology from her classes in Mason Gross. 

Pollock is very involved in the creative process during a photo shoot. She believes that as a photographer you need to be the one to think of the whole concept and know what looks best.

During her time working with other photographers, stylists, models and makeup artists, she has realized that her favorite thing about photography is networking.

“I love networking,” she beamed. “It’s so interesting to hear other peoples stories as you're working with them to make this project … you can pull together so many ideas from different people and create this huge thing, it’s even bigger than you originally imagined.”

Pollock admits that this grand scale of collaboration can get complicated when people aren’t punctual, explaining that everyone involved in a photo shoot is like a part of a puzzle and that if one person isn’t there the idea can’t come together.

Pollock enjoys photographing at Rutgers Gardens with her Nikon D300, especially in the bamboo forest because she finds it very serene.

“I might have green thumb,” she joked. “My grandma taught me all about flowers … it helps me kind of clean my mind.”

Family has played a huge role in Pollock’s photography — from her first camera, to serving as a source of inspiration. She shared that her mother and father have always been extremely supportive of both herself and her brother, who is also an art student, and are always there to cheer them on.

For those interested in pursuing photography, Pollock advises to shoot as much as possible. She recommends looking at different photography websites for inspiration and ideas but doesn’t think beginners should feel committed to any particular style.

“Don’t feel like you have to settle for one thing,” she said. “Go with the motions and see what feels best.”

In the future, Pollock dreams of being able to commute into New York City to work with various designers, models and makeup artists, perhaps at a magazine like Nylon, a publication she loves.

As of right now she is planning her next photo shoot, a clothing line designed by another Mason Gross student. A project they plan on editing heavily to incorporate both their strengths and skills.

“We want to incorporate my lighting and photography skills and her graphic design skills both on the computer and on the textiles”

You can check out glimpses of her latest projects on Instagram @anniepollockk and see a collection of her work at

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