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HORU April 24, 2015

"Working in the EMS system here and in my hometown, you get to see a lot of people at their absolute worst day of their life, while it's just another Saturday for me. And you have to learn how to detach yourself from that, but also be fully present for them at the same time, and then just put it all away, you know, go home, and eat dinner with your family. It's really difficult, but it's important to learn how to do that because I'm trying to go to medical school, so that's expected of you.
One time, I was working with my girlfriend's brother and a couple of other people in Edison, and this lady collapsed in her kitchen and split her head open. She was in cardiac arrest, the fire department was there doing compressions, we shocked her a couple of times, and we got her to come back. Her husband would tell the story: 'the best Christmas gift I ever got was my wife back,' because it was about a week before Christmas."

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