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HORU July 28, 2015

"What's something you've learned from your mom?"
"To keep moving forward, never give up, always have faith, and to always put in everything you've got so you can succeed in anything you do.
In high school, during my sophomore or junior year, I took an English class which was very difficult for me. And she didn't tell me to switch classes or give up, she said to keep working at it and that I would keep learning and it would get better. And it got better.
Now my goal is to be a nurse or a physician. In India, where she's from, the medical field is traditionally very acclaimed and a lot of students study that; where in the future, after all the years spent working and studying, it pays off. So she told me to go for it."
"After all of this hard work, how would you give back to your mom?"
"I would help financially support both my parents after all the years and money they've spent providing for me and for my education."

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