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HORU July 6, 2015

"I've always tried not to judge people. No one's ever given a fair shot. We always look at someone by the color of their skin, by the clothing that they're wearing, or something like that. We make assumptions, and it's not fair. And a lot of the time, these judgements aren't accurate. And I've been trying to do this thing for years where I try to go into meeting someone without any preconceived notions about who they are, or how they think, or what their background is. But some of the nicest people are the ones you'd least expect. But on top of that, when you're not judging, you open yourself up to actually getting to know someone. And you can change yourself a lot that way as well. It allows for connections with a lot of different people outside of yourself, and it takes you outside of your comfort zone. And you get to trust people that way, and people trust you and listen to you too. To me, character is a lot more important than appearance, and the only thing that you can get without talking to someone is an appearance as opposed to character or who they are inside."

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