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Syllabus Week Drinking Games

Now that August has once more come to its annual, bittersweet close, those who live for the warm summer months will quickly be trading sunscreen for syllabi, and beach volleyball for football games. As yet another academic year resumes in its traditional whirlwind of “hoo-rah’s” and scarlet apparel, Inside Beat likewise returns to welcome Rutgers’ newest Scarlet Knights to the collegiate community, while also offering ways to make the transition from lazy family BBQs to College Avenue “dages” a little easier. For those age 21 and older, and feeling a little nostalgic, jot down these simple drink recipes and games that are a throwback to childhood, and a tribute to adulthood. 

Adult Chocolate Milk

Long gone are the days in which mom handed out daily milk money for school lunches, but the nostalgia of younger days in which meal swipes were not yet relevant can still be rekindled in the form of “adult chocolate milk.” To trade your swigs of beer for crisp, classic sips of milk, simply mix Irish crème with chocolate milk. Irish crème, a stranger to a “chaser,” is notorious for its sweet, thick consistency, which makes for a refreshing dessert-like blend when paired with chocolate milk. Our only regret when trying it? Tipsy chocolate cows don’t exist to produce the beverage naturally. 

NSFW Apple Juice

Much like chocolate milk, apple juice was also a childhood staple. The way to drink apple juice similarly matures to keep pace with its aging audience. Swap the juice box and straw for Malibu Rum and your local dining hall’s apple juice. The sugar of the rum, when combined with the sugar of the apple juice, makes for what is perhaps one of the sweetest mixed drinks out there. 

The Games

Both drinks are best served chilled, but are far better when paired with a Rutgers-themed drinking game. It is syllabus week after all, so why not put that piece of paper to use and get creative? Grab a drink and have your syllabi handy, because Inside Beat's got a game that's worth 60 percent of your final grade.

  • If your professor refers to a cell phone as a “gadget,” in the syllabus, drink.
  • If class participation is worth more than 20 percent of your grade, drink. 
  • If more than three unexcused absences results in a failing grade, drink.
  • If you have a recitation ... hydrate, you'll need it.
  • If there's extra credit opportunities, celebrate with shots.

For those of you who prefer talking athletics over academics at backyard “get togethers” — arguably the most politically correct way of phrasing it — post up, pour up and drink up with your friends while preparing for the onset of the fall sports season with what else but the drink that fits all seasons: beer. 

Even though baseball season may be a thing of the spring, the popular drinking game “dizzy bat” serves as the source of inspiration for “fuddled football,” an Inside Beat original drinking game. 

To play, decide how many people you’d like on each team and declare a quarterback. Your incentive to make it to the end zone? A 30-pack of whatever’s cheapest, because the only thing better than a shower beer is an end zone beer.

Split the 30-pack between both teams, and the first team to finish their half wins the game. If you're feeling extra ambitious, have your QB shotgun a beer before each play. Bonus points if you and your teammates sport Rutgers apparel.

With drink recipes that are the perfect mix of innocence and trouble, and timely drinking games to match, Inside Beat knows you’ll have no problem beating the heat and making mom proud this syllabus week – two birds that we never thought possible by use of the same stone.

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