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Shake off those cobwebs, find your outdoor study spot this fall


As we trudge through the thick of midterm season, the only fall on the minds of many Rutgers collegians is the possible GPA slip. Take heart, studious ones, and take a look around — the morning air is crisper, the leaves are just starting to turn and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. Mid-October is far too early to slip into the Netflix and food delivery mode. Play it smart, and don’t give up your daily dose of Vitamin D just yet. Instead, grab your notes and head for the wild itself.

We’re all aware of the wonderful psychological benefits studying outdoors provides us, yet without strategy we’re unlikely to spring into action. The key to acing your next study session al fresco is to remember the essentials. As you pack your laptop, sweatshirt and latte, don’t forget a battle plan.

Compliment your signature study routine with your ideal outdoor study spot.  Fortunately, the odds are ever in your favor with New Brunswick’s five campuses stretching 2,688 acres, featuring every vibe from urban to rural. That inconvenient hour between classes may have just become the perfect time to finish that assignment with a flourish. Good luck and get cracking.

If you crave the pure outdoors — Passion Puddle

Tucked in the center of a grassy ridge, something about the Douglass campus crown jewel seems so right. If you’re cool with the fauna that call the Puddle their stomping grounds, then they will be cool with you. Remember that this is a place of folklore — beware of any admirers that try to take your hand and lap you around the Puddle, for cuffing season is upon us.

If you’re always hungry — Cook Student Center

If you’re a kid on the go, consider the Cook Student Center a gift from above. Use a meal swipe to scoop up a healthy snack before unwinding with your weathered notes on the outdoor tables edged by trees, directly across from Skelley Field. Right by the Biel Road bus stop, this is the kind of place where you are just as welcome to hang for half an hour as you are for a few hours.

If you like to people watch — Voorhees Mall

This list would be nothing if it didn’t pay ode to Rutgers’ oldest, most classically collegiate quad. The top dog of all study spots has quite the heavy flow of afternoon foot traffic, so expect to say hey to everyone you know if you hunker down here. Once the dust settles, be sure to snap a picture of William the Silent against the ancient leafy trees and colonial brick classrooms to watch the social media likes rise.

If you forgot to charge — tables behind Livingston Student Center

Tables, chairs and outlets galore, this hidden treasure of an outdoor veranda is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’re probably one of those people who left the house at 9 a.m. and won’t get back until after 9 p.m., so cut yourself a break and settle in for a relaxing hour with the books.

If you need peace and quiet — Engineering Quad

Conveniently and centrally nestled between a few classroom buildings, the Engineering Quad on Busch campus is the perfect spot to stop and catch your breath on a busy day. The outdoor tables and chairs are perfect for group work, only complimented by the well kept, leafy grounds and modern art sculptures.

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