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Step up your hijabi style with these tips

Hijab, the headscarf worn by many Muslim women, holds an array of different meanings. To hijabis — women who wear the headscarf — hijab is an expression of individuality, modesty and faith. We wear the hijab to share our personalities with the world. We choose to make different statements about ourselves through the hijab each day we put it on and enter the world. Hijab is the ultimate accessory that we proudly wrap around our heads and wear as our crowns, and crowns should be nothing less than fabulous, so here are some fun ways to style and wrap your hijab!!

When it comes to choosing your scarf, don't be afraid to play with different color schemes. You can wear solid-colored scarves with different-patterned shirts, or you can even try throwing a bright-colored scarf on a more neutral shirt. You can also wear more than one shade of a color to add that ombre effect to your outfit. When you wear plain scarves, you can also incorporate a statement necklace over it to draw the eyes of all those around you. It’s all about the details — so don’t be afraid to add a little bling over your scarf.

Mixing prints is a fashion DO! You can mix various different styles, like wearing a solid-colored scarf with a floral-printed neck scarf on a striped shirt to add definition to your outfit. The hijab highlights each individualistic fashion decision you make, because changing the style, pattern or color of the hijab can completely alter the outfit. Have fun with it! Be edgy and don’t shy away from trying a new hijab style, here are some easy ways to tie your scarf!


You can wrap your hijab to the side in a bow to showcase your outfits while adding style to your scarf. To do this, first take your scarf and place it over your head, making sure that the two sides of the scarf are at equal length. Pin the two ends of scarf with a safety pin under your neck to ensure that the scarf will not slip. After this, take one end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Next, take the other end of the scarf and tie it to the end of the other side of the scarf. Tie it into a bow to the side, and then you can adjust the scarf to make sure your neck is covered. You can tie your hijab this way when you are wearing a shirt or dress with a design or embroidery on the top to highlight your beautiful outfit.


First you take a scarf and place it on your head. If your hair is really silky and smooth, you might want to try wearing a headband so the scarf does not move out of place. Before tying the scarf, make sure that the left side is significantly shorter than the right side. Move a little piece of the scarf onto your forehead and tie the left end of the scarf to the right end. The piece on your forehead should stay flat when you are tying the scarf, and tuck in any stray pieces of the hijab after knotting it back into the scarf. Next, take the longer end and wrap it around your head. After wrapping it, take the end of the right side and ruffle it near the knot on your forehead. Using a straight pin, pin the ruffles to the headscarf, but be careful not to poke yourself! After doing so, take the shorter end, widen it and fold it to create a ruffled look. Take that end and wrap it around the bottom of your head and tuck it into the side of your scarf. You can wear this look on a cute day out with friends, to a wedding or even to the beach.


The drape — my go-to hijab style — can be worn with simpler, more casual outfits, and can be wrapped two different ways. The first way is to take your hijab and place it over your head, making sure that one end is slightly longer than the other. Then take the longer end and wrap it around your neck. After this, take the shorter side and wrap it around the back of your neck and tie it to the end of the longer side. The second way you can do this is by placing your scarf over your head right down the middle of the scarf. Pin the hijab with a safety pin under your neck. Next, take the end of each side of the scarf — where it falls on your shoulder — and wrap it to the back of your neck. After doing this, tie the two ends of the scarves together and adjust the front of the scarf to make sure it has that draping effect, and you are good to go!


Place the scarf over your head, making sure that the right side is drastically shorter than the left side. Then pin the scarf under your neck using a safety pin. After doing this, take the left side and wrap it around your neck. Take that side of the scarf near its end and tie it into a knot, and there you have it — an effortless, yet chic, knot!

Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and various different blogs, helped spread hijab fashion trends all over the world. Fashion forward hijabis from the United Kingdom, Dubai, Malaysia and right here in the United States began to share their unique take on hijab in the fashion world. Hijabi fashion do’s and don’ts quickly circulated the Web, transforming how hjiabis saw their own style relative to the style of others. These young, talented hijabis were able to enter the world of fashion, make it their own and then share their distinct personalities with everyone through the hijab. Hijab does not limit your ability to stand out and showcase your unique personality. Adhering to religious standards of modesty is no compromise for fashion. Hijab is a fashion statement! Tag your hijabi style on Instagram with #InsideBeat! 

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