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Embrace fall foliage with DIY pumpkin nails


Fall has arrived in all its glory, which means descending jewel-tone leaves, chilly winds and accepting the unescapable — pumpkin spice flavored everything. Even though you might find yourself bundling up in scarves and other autumn accessories, those toasty tech gloves will have to come off at some point, so don't let your manicure suffer from the cold. Ring in the new season with this simple do-it-yourself pumpkin patch inspired nail design!

Things you’ll need: Nail polish or nail art pens in white, orange, red, light green and yellow, a clear shiny top coat and a toothpick (optional).

Choose Your Base

You’ll need to decide on a base coat before your paint on your pumpkins, which will set the overall mood for the look. White will give a lighter, more casual look — while black will give off an ominous Halloween-inspired tone. White will require two coats of the base color, while black will only require one. Make sure these are completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Pick Your Pumpkin

Toward the end of your nails, use your orange nail polish or nail art pen to draw the sides of a pumpkin using a half-moon shape. Do one or two pumpkins per nail, depending on how long your nails are. You can use this design as an accent or if you’re feeling particularly festive, on all your fingers.

After the orange is somewhat dried, add realistic depth and texture to your pumpkin using a shade of red, for shadows, or lighter orange, for highlights. This effect can be achieved by drawing small, faint lines up and down the pumpkins where the ridges would normally be. Be creative and make your pumpkin as smooth or textured as you desire!

Decorate With Details

Now that you’ve got your pumpkins, decorate them by drawing vines and leaves as if they were sitting in a pumpkin patch. 

First begin by drawing the stem of the pumpkin on top, and then branch out by drawing the tendrils, which are vines that are thin and hair-like in nature. Make the tendrils twist around in loops and swirls to give your pumpkin a unique look. This step requires a steady hand, so don’t hesitate to have a friend assist you. 

Lastly, use a toothpick or nail art pen to draw little leaves on the tendrils and near the stem of the pumpkin for added accents. For added depth and artistic flair, use a bit of yellow nail polish to touch up the highlights in the leaves and vines. This will give your design character!

Polish It Off

Make sure your nail art is completely dry by running your nails under ice-cold water for a few minutes or using a blow dryer. Finish your look with a quick swipe of top coat to lock in the design. Use two coats for added shine. 

When you’re done, don’t forget to share your finished nails with Inside Beat by tagging @Daily_Targum on twitter and using #InsideBeat! We would love to see all your lovely DIY designs!

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