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Snowed in Rutgers University edition

Waking up this morning was like a scene straight out of the film "Frozen". The only difference was that I didn’t have a snowman companion, and the cold truly did bother me anyway.

Without even the slightest tinge of desire to go outside and explore the new winter oasis, I did what most active college kids would do.

That is, stay inside with my good ole' friend Netflix. 

After satisfying my need for some "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Twilight Zone," I decided that it was time to bother my roommate.

While discussing our trapped-status and how our families were doing in the heart of the Jersey Shore, we decided that some decorating was in order for our apartment.

What felt like a few hours of decorating actually turned out to be a few minutes of hanging up lights and talking about what to make for dinner. 

Since we had a fully stocked fridge, it was possible that I could be the chef and whip us up some pizza. Unfortunately, it was only the afternoon and dinner was nowhere in sight. 

Now, this is where nap time comes into play, ladies and gentlemen.

After disregarding the actual need to get a head start in some essential studying, the real call of destiny resonated throughout my room as Mr. Sandman beckoned me to my bed. I did what should be required at colleges during the school year. I took a nap.

After my nap, I fulfilled our craving for pizza, binge watched more Netflix (because college) and now I am crawling back into my cave for the weekend because of a storm called Jonas. Also, let's stop with the Jonas Brothers references, please?

Hopefully I’m not the only lazy bum out there this weekend. I am sure that most can agree with my day in the life, that this is what blizzards are all about. Food, naps and Netflix.

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