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The Most Heartfelt Gifts Rutgers Students Have Ever Given and Received


During the year, Rutgers students tend to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of things. We have very few chances to pause and admire our relationships with the people that make our lives whole. The holidays give us an awesome opportunity to create a personalized “thank you” for these individuals, with limitless potential and creativity. We went around Rutgers campus to talk to students about the most genuine, heartfelt gifts they have received and given to their loved ones.

“This Christmas, I’m going to give my Dad a wine holder in the shape of a globe. When he was my age, he came to the United States and he didn’t know any English, so winemaking and beer brewing was his hobby. Still, the language barrier made him very lonely. When he was in NJIT, he met my mom and they were the only people who could communicate with each other. The globe will remind him of home and of his first hobby, for being the way he got through his loneliness.”

-Tim Liao, Sophomore

“So this may seem a little corny at first, but the best gift I honestly give to my mother is time itself. I've been living at the fraternity house year round and working for the University for the last two years, so I rarely get a chance to stop home. Whenever I get a chance to stop home or see my mother, she lights up with joy. Any time I get to spend time with her, whether it be just watching a movie or taking her out to eat at her favorite restaurant, I can notice the difference, and it makes me so happy. I've gotten her spa days for holidays and flowers, but time is hands down the most meaningful thing to her.”

- Marc Carrier, Senior

“My girlfriend of two and a half years goes to school at Clemson, and we don't get to see each other too often. I always look forward to visiting there and school breaks when she comes home, so I can see her and her family. From dinners to vacations to just hanging out, her parents have done so much for me. As a small thank you, I had some of my brothers bring her mom flowers to say an early happy holidays until the whole squad is together again.”

-Jared Weiner, Sophomore

“Last Christmas, my mom got me an Alex and Ani bracelet that had a map of the world and a fingerprint on it. It had a card inserted that

meant a lot to me. It says, “Leave a positive imprint on the lives of others, inspire others with thoughtful actions, discover your passions

and act on them and lead a life that you can be proud of. Make your mark to better the world and leave a legacy of love for generations to

come.” I try to live each day with this in mind.”

Jaime Zielenbach, Sophomore.

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