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Petition hopes to bring Wawa to Rutgers

<p>A student petition with 146 signatures asks Rutgers to work with Wawa, a popular convenience chain, to bring a store to The Yard @ College Avenue.</p>

A student petition with 146 signatures asks Rutgers to work with Wawa, a popular convenience chain, to bring a store to The Yard @ College Avenue.

Some Rutgers students want to bring a popular convenience store onto campus. 

Erika Rears, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, has started a petition to bring a Wawa Inc. outlet to The Yard @ College Avenue.

"Wawa always has great food at an affordable price and it is fast and convenient," Rears said. "This is exactly the type of retailer that fits perfectly for college students, their schedules and their budgets."

When she is at home, Wawa is Rears's choice for food on the go. She would like to have this option on campus as well.

The campaign is still in its early stages, but has garnered interest from parts of the Rutgers community.

Responders to Rears's campaign were surprised that the New Jersey staple was not at as well known at a New Jersey university.

"People in South Jersey are shocked to hear that there isn't a Wawa on campus already," Rears said. "On-campus students are excited about the idea and keep asking about the progress of the petition."

Richard Dorry, a School of Social Work graduate student, was excited about the prospect of a Wawa at Rutgers.

"I don't know what sort of logistics would be involved, but I'm sure a campus Wawa would be a hit," he said. "I go to Wawa all the time, so as far as I'm concerned, the more the better."

Rachel Uhrig, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior, expressed a similar sentiment.

"I want Wawa on campus so bad," Uhrig said.

The petition has amassed 146 signatures by Feb. 3. Some signatories include members of Rutgers' administration, Rears said.

"I am trying to get more signatures before moving forward," Rears said. "I would love to also talk to whoever at Rutgers and (New Brunswick Development Corporation) would be able to help me. I know at least one member of the Rutgers University Board of Trustees has signed my petition already."

Antonio Calcado, senior vice president of Institutional Planning and Operations at University Facilities and Capital Planning, said he had not heard of this petition.

"While I always applaud that students band together, in this case we must remember that this is foremost a Wawa business decision," Calcado said. "Like all corporations they have a business model that they would apply and ultimately the decision is made on their ability to be successful."

Rears said she plans on contacting Wawa within the coming weeks.

"Even if Wawa does not take action at this time, at least they know there is a strong interest to have a Wawa on campus in the future," she said. "I'm really passionate about this project, and I want to help make New Brunswick a better place than it already is."


Brittany Ahr is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in English. She is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum. Follow her on Twitter @b_ahr_guest for more.

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